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  • The first segment of today's new episode of Muppet Babies is written by Victor Cook's daughter Hanah Lee Cook. She certainly did a good job. Maybe she can write for TOTS. I mean, he's an executive producer there.
    And the winner for this matchup is "Scooby Doo: Mask Of The Blue Falcon", which got 4 votes. SCOOB got 1 vote. We've reached the end of round 1, and start round 2. The first matchup is between "Heroes United" and "Into The Hundred Acre Wood".

    I've been wondering about how old Daisy Lightfoot is, and while there isn't an exact age/date mentioned, I can give a good estimate. She said how Max And The Furious Fly was her first acting gig, and she was 13. This came out in 2006. As such, I can deduce she's around 26-28 years old.
    The winner is "Scooby Doo And Batman: The Brave And The Bold", which got 2 votes. "Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" got 1 vote. The final matchup for round 1 is "Scooby Doo: Mask Of The Blue Falcon" and SCOOB.

    The winner in this matchup is Elena And The Secret Of Avalor. Next up is Batman crossover movies directed by Jake Castorena.

    1. If there was ever another Winnie The Pooh series, I'd want Chris Gilligan involved. He's the supervising director for Goldie And Bear, and is currently the supervising director for TOTS. They're both shows with a light-hearted, innocent feel to them much like with Pooh.

    2. Maybe she'll have a voice role on Vampirina.

    And the winner of this matchup is "A Muppet Family Christmas", which got 2 votes. "Sesame Street Celebrates Around The World" has 1 world. The next matchup is royalty crossovers. We have "Hercules And The Arabian Nights" & "Elena And The Secret Of Avalor".

    And so this matchup is a tie, with 1 vote each. I'll be the tiebreaker. The Jetsons/WWE movie moves to the next round. The next matchup is for Muppet Winter Holiday Crossovers. It's between A Muppet Family Christmas and Sesame Street Celebrates Around The World.

    the winner of this matchup is Scooby Doo And WWE: Curse Of The Speed Demon, which got 3 votes. Scooby Doo: WrestleMania Mystery got 1 vote. The next matchup is Hanna Barbera And WWE Crossovers Written By Jed Elinoff And Scott Thomas.

    the winner of this matchup is The Phineas And Ferb Effect, which got 4 votes. Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans got 1 vote. The next matchup is Scooby Doo/WWE crossovers. It's between Scooby Doo: WrestleMania Mystery and its sequel Scooby Doo And WWE: Curse Of The Speed Demon.

    And the winner of this matchup is "Phineas And Ferb: Star Wars" with 2 votes. "Phineas And Ferb: Mission Marvel" got nothing. The next matchup is "save the world" crossovers. It's between "The Phineas And Ferb Effect" and Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans.

    And the winner is "Legends" , which got 3 votes. "GUTS Busters" got 2 votes. The next matchup is Phineas And Ferb hosted crossovers. The matchup here is between Phineas And Ferb: Mission Marvel and Phineas And Ferb: Star Wars.

    When it comes to Roosevelt Franklin on Sesame Street, the puppeteer is also the puppeteer for Lefty The Salesman while the voice is provided by someone from Gordon's family. He was originally voiced by Matt Robinson (the original actor to play Gordon) and puppeteered by Frank Oz. For the 50th anniversary, he was voiced by Chris Knowings (who plays Gordon's nephew Chris) and puppeteered by Ryan Dillon.
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You know what I want to see? A team up between MOE 2000, Courage's computer, and Swayzak.
Jerry Nelson was good with The Count and Mr. Johnson, but he was not good with Elmo, even if he technically originated the role. At least he wasn't like with Richard Hunt (who made Elmo sound like a caveman).

How come Discovery Family Channel never aired the Transformers episode, Make Tracks?
DonkeyKongSong wrote on Light Lucario's profile.
If you're still interested, Batman vs TMNT will air this Friday night at 7pm on Nicktoons.

From "Kosmiczny wykop" (new cartoon on TVN in Poland). This is the largest number of copyright claimants (twelve!) I have ever encountered in the end credits copyright notice: