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  • I wish a happy 31st birthday to Travis Braun. He's a writer for Vampirina and the creator of TOTS.
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    Not gonna lie, I'm really hyperfixated on this show since the premiere of their first episode.

    Mostly because Freddie is being voiced by Darwin Watterson's voice actor. (Christian Simone)
    His name is Christian Simone.

    The winner of this matchup is "Runaway Brain", which got 3 votes. "Invasion Of The Bunny Snatchers" got 2 votes. The next category is Theatrical Shorts Based On TV Shows. It's between the 2017 Hanazuki short and the 2018 DC Superhero Girls short "The Late Batsby"
    I wish a happy birthday to Bruce Timm (60) and Ciro Nieli (47). The former worked on shows like Batman The Animated Series, Justice League, and Green Lantern The Animated Series. The latter was a director on Teen Titans, creator of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go, and co-creator of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012.

    Tom Anschiem, president of Warner Media, talked about the plans he has for the future. He mentions "turning the male-skewing brand for six to 11s into one that also has specific programming and blocks for preschoolers, families, and for the first time—girls." Another is with Sam Register looking over both CN & WB.

    The winner of this matchup is "Pizza Pilot", which got 2 votes. "Pizza Friday" got 1 vote. The next matchup is between the Looney Tunes short "Invasion Of The Bunny Snatchers" and the Mickey Mouse short "Runaway Brain".
    For the past weeks, DC Superhero Girls clips have been put on the DC Kids YouTube channel rather than the DC Superhero Girls YouTube channel.
    Both episodes are tied with 2 votes each. I'll be tiebreaker, and pick "Francine" to move to the next round. The next matchup is Pizza Time. We have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles short "Pizza Friday" and the 1st episode of Ollie And Scoops called "Pizza Pilot".

    And here's the first matchup of round 1. It's called "Don't Eat This", and is between the Littlest Pet Shop short "Life Of Cake" and the Nickelodeon short "Francine".

    It definitely looks like the Sonic voice cast will be greatly changed. Cindy Robinson said she's no longer voicing Amy.

    And what about Tails, Kunckles, Shadow, Cream, and Eggman's voices? Will they be replaced too?
    With Big Hero 6 The Series ending on February 15 and the last stretch of DuckTales episodes coming out starting February 22, it means that (unless Amphibia and The Owl House move there), there won't be any original programming for Disney XD. There's probably some 3rd party acquisitions like anime, but that's it.
    Craig McCracken recently started an instagram account.

    Given this tweet he put out, it looks like Christian Lanz is in Kid Cosmic.

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JJ Abrams, Please Do Earth 2.
The DCEU will be so mind-blowingly awesome once we get there.
It seems like Colleen O'shaughnessy will still voice Tails for a bit, at least according to a tweet she put out.

I watched Tom and Jerry 2021 on HBO Max today and.......my god..... I have a lot to say about this movie...

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