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  • Given how Jason J. Lewis loves Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm, he must've been really excited getting to work with Kevin Conroy on Justice League Action.

    I wish a happy birthday to Roger Craig Smith (45), Will Friedle (44), and Alyson Stoner (27). Roger's roles include Batman, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Captain America. Will's roles include Terry McGinnis/Batman, Ron Stoppable, and Peter Quill/Star Lord. Allyson's roles include Isabella (Phineas And Ferb), Batgirl (Young Justice, Lego DC DVD movies), and Sam Sharp.
    Here's a picture of Danica McKellar with her mother. It's impressive how similar they look. I could've sworn they were sisters. I know the picture is from 2015, but still.

    Tony Sampson is the best Eddy. James Arnold Taylor tries, but he goes a bit too over the top.
    Which is why there won't be an Ed, Edd 'n Eddy revival anytime soon
    What dessert do you use to celebrate a birthday? Sponge cake! Anyway, happy 37th birthday Ashley Johnson.

    Here's something interesting. Though she's still in a relationship with Alex Hirsch, Dana Terrace came out as bisexual back in 2017. That's pretty cool.
    The winner for this Media Brackets competition is Phineas And Ferb: Star Wars, which got 4 votes. Quack Pack got 1 vote. Thanks to everyone for participating. The article is next week.

    So, this is fitting. Also, why does this meme only go until September?
    Light Lucario
    Light Lucario
    Honestly, I think that they were pretty charitable with April, May and June. Oscar should have started during one of those months instead of July. The picture of Elmo for April is pretty adorable though.
    Both "Phineas And Ferb: Star Wars" and "Scooby Doo And Batman: The Brave And The Bold" tie with 2 votes each. I'll be tiebreaker. It was really hard, but I pick "Phineas And Ferb: Star Wars". Now the final matchup is between "Phineas And Ferb: Star Wars" and "Quack Pack".

    So, we have a tie here, with "Into The Hundred Acre Wood" and "Quack Pack" getting 2 votes each. I'll be tiebreaker. I pick Quack Pack. Now we have the last matchup of round 4, which is between "Phineas And Ferb: Star Wars" and "Scooby Doo And Batman: The Brave And The Bold".

    So this is interesting. There's a post about Arby's cookies, yet most of the comments are about Lumity (Luz and Amity). I mean, they have a good dynamic, though it's weird how this tweet is bombarded with comments about them.
    The winner of this matchup is Scooby Doo And Batman: The Brave And The Bold, which got 2 votes. A Muppet Family Christmas got 1 vote. Now we start round 4. This matchup is between Into The Hundred Acre Wood and Quack Pack.

    I wish a happy 59th birthday to Lauren Tom. Some of the roles she's known for include Numbuh 3 (Codename Kids Next Door), Susan Long & Counselor Chang (American Dragon Jake Long), Joo Dee (Avatar The Last Airbender), the Double Dare Twins (DC Superhero Girls 2015), Jinx & Gizmo on Teen Titans, and much more .
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Seriously, whoever at Netflix thinks it's a good idea to cancel the actually GOOD shows, yet renew Big Mouth until the end of time, should be fired.
Reminder: The Miraculous New York special premieres this Friday (I thought Disney Channel France was going to get it first before the US did. My guess is the English dub of the special is complete which could be the reason it's premiering this coming Friday).
The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance (a prequel series to the movie The Dark Crystal) has been cancelled after one season. I haven't seen the show or the movie, but I think fans won't be happy with this.

R.I.P. LyricWiki, which closed down today.

I made use of it one last time (for a lot of stuff!) late last night, as it was then that I discovered it was about to shut down.
If Tom Cruise is cast in the new Dr. Strange movie as an AU Iron Man I might not see it. In fact, I might give up on the MCU altogether. That's how strongly I feel about any movie franchise giving this homophobic, Scientology-nut, anti psychiatry loon any exposure or money. It's morally wrong on every level.