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  • We have major Spongebob news.

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    ...Okay, now I think they're going too far.
    It's funny how Brian Robbins called the Spongebob spinoffs the Nick equivalent of the MCU given how the projects from Avatar Studios would fit that description better.
    If people were ever wondering who Nickelodeon's mascot was. But yeah, on the flipside the Avatar universe is being expanded.
    2 people from the 2015 DC Superhero Girls worked on Hello Kitty projects. Shaene Siders (who wrote on season 5) is the showrunner for the Hello Kitty youtube show. Jennifer Coyle (a producer & director) is co-directing a live action/animation hybrid.

    It looks like San Diego Comic Con will once again be virtual, with the event being held from July 23-25. They hopefully plan to have large, in person conventions in 2022, but it seems like a smaller venue will be held in November. In addition, Wonder Con will be virtual again, and be held from March 26-27.

    And the winner of the competition is Pizza Pilot, which got 3 votes. Harpy Gee got 2 votes, and Missing The Mark got nothing. And that's the end of the competition. Thanks for participating. The article is next week.

    The winner of this matchup is Harpy Gee, which got 5 votes. Both Yoyotoki Happy Ears and Marisa And The Mirror got 0 votes. Now we go into the final round with a 3 way matchup. It's between Missing The Mark, Harpy Gee, and Pizza Pilot.

    The winner of this matchup is Missing The Mark, which got 2 votes. Kermit's Cookie Caper got 1 vote. The last matchup of round 3 has 3 choices: Yoyotoki Happy Ears, Harpy Gee, and Marisa And The Mirror.
    Imagine if Wes Gleason was the voice director for projects from Avatar Studios. He's the successor to Andrea Romano for DC animation, so I think he could be her successor here. Plus, he's had experience with Nickelodeon (such as with the 2016 Monster High tv movie and Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

    The winner of this matchup is Pizza Pilot, which got 3 votes. Runaway Brain got 2 votes. The next matchup is between Missing The Mark and Kermit's Cookie Caper.
    Ricky Roxburgh, one of the writers for Monsters At Work, said how he isn't thrilled that the show didn't get mentioned that much in the article. He compares the situation to that of Tangled The Series (which he also worked on).

    Both are tied with 1 vote each. I'll be tiebreaker and pick Yoyotoki Happy Ears to move to the next round. And that's the end of round 2. We move onto round 3. The first matchup is between Runaway Brain and Pizza Pilot.
    I recently finished watching this documentary on Dwayne McDuffie. I knew he left an impact on others, but wow! On another note, it looks like he might've been involved for Green Lantern The Animated Series (at least according to Jim Krieg at 26:45), but was still working on more Ben 10.

    It's a bit hilarious in hindsight how some people thought the original 2015 DC Superhero Girls was trying to copy Monster High when Shea Fontana, the showrunner there, is making her own version of Monster High.

    The winner of this matchup is Marisa And The Mirror, which got 1 vote. The Acorn Princess got 0 votes. The last round 2 matchup is between Yoyotoki Happy Ears and The Cookie Boogie.
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