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  • The theme songs to Chalkzone and Team Zenko Go are similar in how they don't have a lot of lyrics, yet the way they're arranged combined with how the music is composed helps make them feel epic.
    One of the earliest jobs Maria Estrada had was as casting director of the Back To The Future cartoon. She would work with some of the actors decades later as voice director. On Doc McStuffins, she got to work with Cathy Cavadini, David Kauffman, and Josh Keaton again, and worked with David again on Goldie And Bear. She would work with Thomas Wilson again on Higglytown Heroes and Spidey And His Amazing Friends.
    I'm impressed with how that one episode of Deepa And Anoop uploaded to the Netflix Jr YouTube channel currently has over 3 million views in less than 3 weeks. For a Mattel project not based on an established property, that's impressive.
    Friday August 19 at 8:00 am can be described as the John Stamos hour since he's doing voice work in the shows that have premieres on the Disney Junior block (Mickey Mouse Funhouse and Spidey And His Amazing Friends). They're even being simulcast on the Disney Junior channel.
    Gonna be a big morning featuring sitcom supernova Stamos of TV's Full House!
    So now I found out why it's basically the John Stamos hour tomorrow morning. August 19 is his birthday.
    I find it odd how the end credits to Dreamhouse Adventures last about 30 seconds, but the end credits to It Takes Two last over a full minute.

    Apparently, Chris Sonnenberg, one of the showrunners for Tangled The Series, was not a very good person to work under. This statement comes from storyboard artist Wendy Sullivan.

    Armen Taylor, the voice of Hulk from Spidey And His Amazing Friends, visited a children's hospital. Now that is pretty cool.

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    i misread this and for a sec thought she got submitted into a childrens hosptial

    The winner of this matchup is The Iron Giant, which got 5 votes. Captain Underpants got 1 vote. The next matchup is between Tom And Jerry: Spy Quest and Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run.
    Given how Mainframe Studios is mainly known for CGI, it's interesting how it took them over 30 years to make their first 2D project.

    The winner of this matchup is Race For Your Life Charlie Brown, which got 6 votes. The Loud House Movie got 1 vote. The next matchup is between Barbie: Princess Adventure and King Tweety.

    The winner of this matchup is A Goofy Movie, which got 7 votes. Recess: School's Out got 1 vote. The next matchup is between Race For Your Life Charlie Brown and The Loud House Movie.
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Today marks the 10th Year Anniversary of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012). This was the first entry from the TMNT Franchise that I saw all the way through from beginning to end.
With all the negative PR, especially that lawsuit, lately, are the board of directors and shareholders of WBD upset with David Zaslav?

It's official. E3 plans to return next June.

Don't expect any cancellations to occur anytime soon. The event is officially back on.
To all "The Ghost and Molly McGee" fans, don't go to 4chan because someone leaked some stuff about season two premiere.

Also don't spread the said leaks around Twitter and other places for the respect of the creators and the crew.

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