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Miyamoto & Nintendo: Ok, so how are we gonna make people love our first trial...

Some Guy: Penguins!

Miyamoto & Nintendo: Whaaa.. what do you...

Some Guy: P E N G U I N S.
Well it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be but I would say Jack Black kind of works as Bowser

I thought he would do his typical frat boy accent for him

But I'm not sold on Chris Pratt as Mario yet.
It's just Chris Pratt. IT'S JUST CHRIS PRATT!
Well the Super Mario Bros. movie trailer is coming out in less than an hour. I can't see it live because of college stuff, but I'll try to watch it later today. I'll see you all on the other side...

They even acknowledged older shows like Taina, Brothers Garcia and more!

Taina is now on PLuto on demand

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