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  • Speaking of turning everything into live-action...
    Me: Hey, CW,where's my wished to your demise a live-action Generator Rex reboot,huh? Like I'm not gonna stand for eternity for THAT thing to happen!
    Note that I'm putting sarcasm,that will never happen. But hey,a 17-year old girl can always dream...
    Ok,guys I have a really important question.
    Now that the Rise Of TMNT is over,I just wanna ask. Is this installation of turtles failed,or it was mistreated by Nick?
    I just wanna know,that's all!
    Light Lucario
    Light Lucario
    It's hard to say that it failed, mainly because I don't think that Nickelodeon was that interested in Rise of the TMNT after season one. They definitely made a new TMNT series way too soon after the 2012 series ended though. Plenty of kids who watched the 2012 series would still be in their target audience and might not have been interested/ready for a new take on TMNT so soon.
    What do you mean by that? I don't get it
    you know, nick only owns the tmnt but not owned the mirage studios, you know what i deleting the post so you can forget it about that
    What if cartoons of the past met cartoons of the future?
    Coming Tommorow:The reveal of Toonverse,a new kids channel concept!
    Tis the place where toons live!
    You're just one letter away from Tooniverse! :D
    It's been 21 year since the first set of DigiDestinied arrived to the digital world! And the rest of their adventures are history.
    Sigh... You know what I'm getting tired of? People who think one show rips off another show! Some shows are not ripoffs from one to another! Because they might have same creator,same things,but it's not!!!!! Grrr,I'm so outraged that these things exist!
    Fone Bone
    Fone Bone
    Honestly, homages and influences are a major part of the history of all of fiction. I think people should be less concerned with what influenced a given project, and more interested in if the project in question is actually any good.
    I understand where you're coming from with your frustrations. My creative writing teachers always made a point to stress to my classmates and I not to stress out about "being original" since there really is no such thing as an original idea if you dig deep enough; one would hope others can tell the difference between ripping something off compared to being inspired by what came before it.
    I hope will survive the controversy. I like this site sooooo much!
    Who is the most yellow-est fella that lives under the sea? Today SpongeBob and his VA Tom Kenny are celebrating Birthday! What a coincidence!
    And yes, SpongeBob was born on July 14,1986, exactly 34 years ago!
    Me:sees treehouse with Paper Mario
    Me(again):eek:oohh, I wonder whats gonna happen..
    Sees game reveal
    Me: this is... A bakugan game!? Based on Battle Planet!?
    My emotion of rage:Pls,do not put toxic Bakugan comments,or banning me,its just my opinion.
    I like Bakugan,but only Battle Brawlers continuity,and i don't like Battle Planet insead.
    Happy birthday... To me! I'm 17 today! We're planning lots of stuff today,and later I will see Sym-Bionic Titan for the first time!
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Happy Linus Van Pelt Day , he was first introduced on this date back in 1952!
It's interesting how today is Batman Day given how Adam West would've turned 92 if he was still alive.
Welcome to the first matchup for this Halloween edition of Media Brackets. Today, we're comparing 2 Nickelodeon Halloween specials that aired on October 13, 2017. They are the SpongeBob episode "Legends Of Bookini Bottom" and The Loud House episode "Tricked".