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I'm so heartbroken now: criticism on me is starting not just on Youtube, but here too. :(

@ltw9719 called me an "evil dictator who took over the whole forum with my followers" on his signatures. That cannot be true. I did not take over all threads.
Back to my kizunatchi pfp
Powerpuff Girls 2016 stands out from the other shows Bob Boyle created/co-created since it's the only one to star human characters, albeit super-powered ones. The other shows he created/co-created (Yin Yang Yo, Wow Wow Wubbzy, and Chico Bon Bon Monkey With A Tool Belt) star animal characters.
That Girl Lay Lay on NickPluto for what I noticed in random times.. just I checked today.
This is why i changed my pfp for 1 day

My kizunatchi pfp will return after 1 day

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