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I didn't know that this particular scene from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse got recognized and memed.

Modern day Disney's problem isn't that the studio has "gone woke", it's that they're stuck in a rut. Disney's keep recycling the same types of stories and ideas. I want Wish to succeed, but the film looks so basic. How many Frozens and Encantos can you have?
I'm constantly amazed by the number of people who have the internet but don't use the internet.

If you genuinely wish to start a serious discussion, then I'm cool with that; that's what a forum is for, but if you're just spamming the board or flooding someone's inbox with simple, basic questions you could easily find the answers to by Googling, then you're wasting my time and time wasters stick right in my craw.
Crunchyroll will never get another cent out of me. To HFIL with monopolies.

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