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Apparently, Chris Sonnenberg, one of the showrunners for Tangled The Series, was not a very good person to work under. This statement comes from storyboard artist Wendy Sullivan.

Overs the years, I have come to understand how tone & attitude is something that isn't easy to convey in a typed/written format like the Internet.
A character on The Simpsons made the case that animation is a field built on plagiarism. I think the same thing could be said for comic books and video games, as well.

Just ask, and I could provide examples for both.
Asa wrote on thomas2313412's profile.
Did you ever hear any news about the new animated PPG being revived by Hanna-Barbera Studios? If so, do you look forward to it?

New word for today* is "Taft-Hartleying".

*Discovered it a couple days ago, but put it off until now.

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