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  • I'm in the 18-21 program now and I might or might not be taking a break from DeviantArt due to drama that I didn't intend to cause..

    Also, I found that Tacomaster (alias LDEJruffan) found me replies since he bullied me on DeviantArt..
    If you wanna know more about him and I, please talk to me on Skype or Discord
    I got some good news and I got some bad news:
    Good news: I'm heading to the 18-21 program so that I can get a job soon

    Bad news: Katie Mealey blocked me on DeviantArt and drama is still going around..

    Other bad news: I got kicked out of VHSandStoryUploader89's VA group

    I'm so depressed..
    If you're someone I know very well here or other website, I'll explain everything..
    Also, I am not happy on the inside since the drama occurred on DeviantArt (courtesy of Lampi (alias Human-Writer) and Percyfan94)..

    Also, a user named Wim ten Brink is following me around like some crazy stalker and is doxxing info onto some users and was causing more drama behind the scenes..

    Sorry if I vented here, I just want to get it out of my head..
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If only it was possible for companies to rethink their decision to make movies exclusive to streaming back to their initial supposed theatrican run - they'll have to look at how the situation is faring in countries and regions.

Wonder why it's impossible to screen "outdated" or "delayed" movies when the situation eases.
Changed the banner to match the upcoming anniversary better. Based on the logo switch ident featuring Bloo.
MeTV went off the air for about 15 minutes, right during one of the last Svengoolie segments up until it was time for the news (which I get in my area instead of Star Trek).
Well Bakugan was made in Canada too, so...

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