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  • With all this talk of the main character in the TLM reboot being played by a black actress, it made me think of something - black merpeople rarely appear in media. Examples that come to mind are from pre-school shows (Goby from Bubble Guppies and Finn from Jake and the Neverland Pirates). Does anyone have other examples?
    There's a show on France 3 called Scooby-Doo in Europe, the series is French and was created because of the European elections of May.
    So there's a reboot of this old French series called Oum the White Dolphin. Found it while channel surfing and initially thought it was CGI, but no!
    Homestar Runner was trending yesterday and I didn't notice. Is the series all up ons again?
    Muslim users: hope you had a good Ramadan; Eid Mubarak, everybody!, time to go back to normality.
    2019. Kids Central is now a shoddy American channel few people have, but not the same as the Singaporean channel of the same name.
    Rupavahini is airing SeaQuest yet with a local theme song despite the series airing with Sinhala subtitles.
    I used to watch Cartoon City on CCTV-4.

    That is, until they dropped English subtitles. They were full of Engrish.
    On June 16, the Portuguese government will tighten restrictions on candy advertising, especially aimed at kids.

    When I was in kindergarten and my idea of things were distorted, I thought that candy was good.
    Soon I'll make a series about a period of my life around five years ago where I wanted to see CN Africa back on my TV.
    Eurovision here would still lead the ratings if Portugal still had a television monopoly.
    2:20am WET. At this time I finished watching the very last episode of The Big Bang Theory. I've seen all episodes. Does this mean I get a reward?
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back when the Harvey Weinstein allegations happened i remember saying "well i'm not surprised he's known for being a jerk to certain movies particularly in his treatment in animated movies he acquired and is known for re-cutting live action flims behind director's backs."
They are still airing New Episodes of Max and Ruby???
Most NBCU networks will air movies with limited ads.
Happy 51st Birthday to MCU Ant-Man's Paul Rudd
Happy 24th Birthday to Bunk'd star Miranda May
Happy 22nd Birthday to Bunk'd and Jessie's Peyton R. List