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  • Lately I've been facing more problems regarding my future on YouTube. But it's too hard to tell, especially since the appeal is likely never about to come.
    Thinking of starting a RandomMeArts Twitter profile soon. If only I knew how to start a second profile using my account :cry:
    I am going to restart my YouTube appeal process. With news about the vaccine raising higher hopes, I hope the process will take less time.
    It's been seven years on this very day that I lost CN Africa to CN Portugal, that month so led to the closures of some TCM feeds, due to decisions made by Turner in those days.

    I have recovered from that fateful day yet still I believe my life is empty without a go-to English-speaking kids channel.
    Seven years ago today, a life-changing event took place in my life. It was the day I found out CN Portugal was going to replace CN Africa and wasn't going to live with CN Africa at all.

    In honor of this, I re-release my incomplete No Substitute For Crazy series made in November last year.
    Happy Thanksgiving! New Monetization out tonight at Post something random! Bit of a preview: Rooty is actually from Colorado and is part of the next bit!
    The Animaniacs reboot came and still no new Yakko's World. How would you change the lyrics?
    Thank you, ViacomCBS "International", now that you refuse to air seasons 1-5 of SpongeBob many kids without access to the internet won't know about Leif Erikson Day.
    So today is the sixtieth anniversary of The Flintstones. While in the USA reruns on MeTV have been profitable enough, in many parts of Europe it hasn't been rerun since when Boomerang stopped airing classic cartoons.

    Next year will be The Jetsons and Top Cat's turn.
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Someone made an interesting comparison between Sponge Out Of Water and Avengers Endgame.

Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin have their first baby, a son named Dakota.

The Anime Superhero Hotel Concept is now available to everyone in this forum. Check it out if you want it.
I'm currently developing a concept called "The Anime Superhero Hotel", which is a building I dreamed about in the twilight hours today.
Asa wrote on Neo Ultra Mike's profile.

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