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  • Meanwhile here in Portugal we don't have annual Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. specials repeated years on end. Home Alone doesn't count, but that's close.
    Portugal (and Spain) rebranded on April 1, 2010.

    It surely was the end of an era for Nickelodeon here.
    It's been almost four years since Teletoon Retro shut down. Was the last program on air George of the Jungle (the 1967 one)? They aired a few seconds of the intro literally seconds before a Disney Channel bumper kicked in.
    With all this talk of the main character in the TLM reboot being played by a black actress, it made me think of something - black merpeople rarely appear in media. Examples that come to mind are from pre-school shows (Goby from Bubble Guppies and Finn from Jake and the Neverland Pirates). Does anyone have other examples?
    There's a show on France 3 called Scooby-Doo in Europe, the series is French and was created because of the European elections of May.
    So there's a reboot of this old French series called Oum the White Dolphin. Found it while channel surfing and initially thought it was CGI, but no!
    Homestar Runner was trending yesterday and I didn't notice. Is the series all up ons again?
    Muslim users: hope you had a good Ramadan; Eid Mubarak, everybody!, time to go back to normality.
    2019. Kids Central is now a shoddy American channel few people have, but not the same as the Singaporean channel of the same name.
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Just letting you guys know: I'm changing my username in two weeks. It's similar to the original, but a bit more wordy.
The last time a new SpongeBob premiered before KCA's was in March 2017.
What happened to Jessica Borutski's "Raccoons" animated project?
Watching the TOTS episode "The Fastest Flier" makes me want to see Melanie Minichino sing more.
I’m doing something special in my sculpting class!