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  • With regards to Matt Braly, I prefer the weekly release. Binging is terrible for an entire season to be released in one run and back in 2015/2016, when it started becoming a thing, there were people concerned over that.
    Nobody noticed this, being a niche ethnic channel, but in February NHK announced the shutdown of TV Japan in USA and Canada. Instead of replacing it with NHK World Premium like they did in Europe they just simply moved to streaming.

    No footage of the shutdown exists online, I recall someone uploading breaks from the channel weeks ago and it had the shutdown notice.
    Aaaaaand I'm back. Didn't have the motivation to be the Prank Master thanks to less people using the forum, last year's outage and mind blocks etc.

    And it was fun to write in-character as Darwin the Merman.

    The problem was, few people cared and my first prank wasn't even CN-related lol
    Darwin the Merman here. I took over RandomMe for the day.
    Answer your questions here:
    Tomorrow marks ten years since Cartoon Network ceased broadcasting in English to Portugal.

    Tracle is currently down because the engineer is away and left the site rotting, but you can still watch my unfinished three-part documentary from 2019 reflecting on it.

    Parts 2 and 3:

    CN EMEA/Africa, always in our hearts...
    I can't help but find it surreal knowing that this year is the 25th Year Anniversary of Darwin the Merman, the show that stemmed from a dream and was never even picked up by a channel. As we say in Portugal, "dream commands life".
    Copyright problems with another YT user have made me rethink my strategies especially since I have hours of locked YT content over four channels (RME was my main one) that are still trapped since they blocked my account two and a half years.
    YouTube is technically broken at this stage, copyright issues with smaller YouTubers are apparently unsolved, either from companies or from impersonators. I got hit by two strikes from impersonators in 2018, but luckily enough I dodged them.
    A&W Restaurants USA is repeating their Halloween The Onion Ring stunt for the second (third?) time running.
    As of 2022, CN's campaign against bullying is still using the logo it had since its inception.
    The latest video of the campaign has the RYW graphics, even though CN USA is ditching the look. Likewise the campaisgn's logo uses a font CN used heavily in the early 2010s and doesn't seem to use a lot anymore,
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R.I.P. Kabosu. You will be remembered as one of the most well-known meme dogs.
Oh! I got video of Chris doing "Two Princes".

Back from the gig now. That was really fun. Even if you're not into Spin Doctors, go see Chris Barron if he comes your way. He's a wonderful storyteller.
does anyone seen micahel Cataldo becoming like one of those goanimate people where they post the "my reaction to" videos
My reaction to PAW Patrol and Rubble & Crew airing on Nick on Saturday mornings:

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