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  • Seven years ago today, a life-changing event took place in my life. It was the day I found out CN Portugal was going to replace CN Africa and wasn't going to live with CN Africa at all.

    In honor of this, I re-release my incomplete No Substitute For Crazy series made in November last year.
    Happy Thanksgiving! New Monetization out tonight at Post something random! Bit of a preview: Rooty is actually from Colorado and is part of the next bit!
    The Animaniacs reboot came and still no new Yakko's World. How would you change the lyrics?
    Thank you, ViacomCBS "International", now that you refuse to air seasons 1-5 of SpongeBob many kids without access to the internet won't know about Leif Erikson Day.
    So today is the sixtieth anniversary of The Flintstones. While in the USA reruns on MeTV have been profitable enough, in many parts of Europe it hasn't been rerun since when Boomerang stopped airing classic cartoons.

    Next year will be The Jetsons and Top Cat's turn.
    Today marked the tenth anniversary of Fish Hooks, a show that paired so well with Phineas and Ferb and kickstarted new masterpieces for Disney's television animation. Over here it was a flop and the third season was never shown. It also gave me more ideas for my underwater headcanons and series that never went it and secretly wished it had an episode where they become merpeople.
    Oh well. Time to undust a couple of treats. The image you see often every April Fool's Day since 2015 at least. By cecemene (cecechispitas at the time) in 2014.
    And some old forum threads! Luckily I changed my mindset since then.
    And lastly, the cropped avatar of Milo I used on April Fool's Day 2017~2019, and later as my Halloween costume in 2018 and 2019.
    Great Product Placements in American Syndicated Television part 1357: A&W (however the cream soda), season 4 of Baywatch:
    Many people around the world in the past few months, on Twitter "complete the phrase" games:
    X is the best time/a good time to get the latest Flash Player
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harry580 wrote on TheMisterManGuy's profile.
hi, like your posts and i thought they interesting, but i can ask you

what fox children/family network is better

fox kids or fox family

i prefer fox kids, whats your
new ollie's pack of the week of December 14th
And now for the first matchup of round 1. It's Alternate Universe Christmas Tales. The matchup is between the My Little Pony episode "A Hearth's Warming Tail" to the Sesame Street special "Once Upon A Sesame Street Christmas".

Ready for December and 2021 to come!