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  • Found out that the Kang Fu Amiga CD32 game was made in the Netherlands. The credits had Dutch names and the "ad" for the continuation had a Dutch "see you soon" message.
    With the end of Flash, Gracie Films' site has reconverted its animation to an image and dropped the sound effects - including their iconic jingle.
    Soft launching my new page, RandomMe Arts, on Facebook and Instagram. Link to my Instagram soon when I update my signature and start a linktree.
    If only it was possible for companies to rethink their decision to make movies exclusive to streaming back to their initial supposed theatrican run - they'll have to look at how the situation is faring in countries and regions.

    Wonder why it's impossible to screen "outdated" or "delayed" movies when the situation eases.
    I have an alternate timeline (Timeline-13) where besides merpeople existing there are lots of crazy things happening in the media scene. Currently being developed.
    So to justify - that A&W jingle I posted here last night was actually a Malaysian one from 1987. I still have a copy of the ad that I used for a YTP experiment (Taste of Endabyu), the channel that hosted the ad got suspended by YouTube. That and many other Malaysian ads.
    Surprised to see that in the last few hours of April Fool's Day in the States there were far fewer posts. I guess that me going to bed made a huge impact. Timezones...
    Slow down, you're movin' too fast
    Take a break and have some fun
    At A&W, we know what you want
    We wanna keep you happy!
    This is the place you wanna be
    With a root beer and your coney
    At A&W, you have your choice
    We wanna keep you happy!
    A&W! We wanna keep you happy!
    I'll be making an exhaustive list of merpeople in American and Canadian television animation this weekend.
    The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants is like my new feel good cartoon. It just feels like the show I would expect to see made in 2003.
    Don't have Netflix but I have been following it since episode one recently on Biggs. Up until now I just watched a couple of random episodes.
    Is the world secretly following my story ideas?
    Disney-Pixar's next movie is similar to one of my aborted coming-of-age stories (mine was The Thirteenth Year + Your Name + aborted merman cartoons) but instead of actual merpeole we got legged aquatic humanoids.
    Newt from Pirate Express: We should hang out some time.
    You know you feel old when one of the first non-CN shows you remember was the German series Twipsy. This doesn't strike a chord with Americans, though. I remember being 4 and being enthralled by the computer graphics of the cyberspace setting.
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So this is a surprise. Trey Parker & Matt Stone have signed a deal to make more South Park seasons until at least season 30 in 2027. They also signed a deal to make 14 streaming movies for Paramount Plus, starting with 2 movies this year.

The winner of this matchup is Slumber Party Sneak In, which got 2 votes. Blunder Party got 1 vote. The next matchup is Pride Festival. It's between Chosen Family from Danger And Eggs and Whatever Floats Your Float from Madagascar A Little Wild.
The only actual critiques that I agree with for I AM NOT STARFIRE, everyone.....

RIP J.W. Rinzler, who wrote the making of books for Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones, and more.
Here's a fun fact. Benjamin Valic said in this article about how he considers Robert Downey Jr as one of his favorite actors.

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