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Too many Smash fans who keep on asking for unlikely candidates such as Geno, Sora, Goku, Shantae, Waluigi, etc. to join Ultimate are literally leading Sakurai and his developing team on, just like every other time. It's their shtick.
I hope will survive the controversy. I like this site sooooo much!
How come I can't see my older posts when I search them? Is it like an error or something else?
And the winner is "Legends" , which got 3 votes. "GUTS Busters" got 2 votes. The next matchup is Phineas And Ferb hosted crossovers. The matchup here is between Phineas And Ferb: Mission Marvel and Phineas And Ferb: Star Wars.

When it comes to Roosevelt Franklin on Sesame Street, the puppeteer is also the puppeteer for Lefty The Salesman while the voice is provided by someone from Gordon's family. He was originally voiced by Matt Robinson (the original actor to play Gordon) and puppeteered by Frank Oz. For the 50th anniversary, he was voiced by Chris Knowings (who plays Gordon's nephew Chris) and puppeteered by Ryan Dillon.