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Oh, wow... "Kill the Alligator and Run"... That was a really bad episode of The Simpsons. I still wouldn't call it the worst of the worst, but damn... That chain gang scene with Maggie (A BABY) and the other children, handcuffed together, the insanity just kept going and going...
Enjoy my new anime superhero pfp!

Btw i'm using christmas version cuz it's KRIMAAAA month lol.
@I Am Nickelodeon 1 The Futon Critic has updated with the rest of the Nickelodeon premieres for this December.
Recently I read an article claiming that Disney's Dave the Barbarian "hadn't aged well" because it "couldn't compare to the new He-Man and She-Ra shows". Um, DtB was an absurdist comedy akin to the likes of Rocky & Bullwinkle, dum-dum. Way to out that you've never seen the show. Why exactly is this person expecting serious action fare from a show called Dave the Barbarian??

Very insightful essay that speaks well on my sentiments regarding the MCU and also episodic storytelling in general where status quo is king.

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