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The winner of this matchup is Happy Birthday Scooby Doo, which got 3 votes. A Scooby Doo Valentine got 0 votes. The next matchup is Birthday For A Princess. It's between "Surprise" from Cleopatra In Space and "The Birthday Cruise" from Elena Of Avalor.
After the animated movie announcement, did not at all think a live-action TMNT was still in development.
Thinking about rebranding myself sometime later this year. Like, changing my screen name, new accounts, etc. But I don't think my haters would trust me if I did. Would those people build confidence if I considered doing it? Like, I WAS gonna do it soon, but I probably need to hold off for a long while.
I like how there's drama on twitter almost every single day. Feels like people only use that site to complain, get offended and get into arguments nowadays.

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