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  • This is not a negative question, but what exactly happens at this forum when someone follows me?
    Do followers get notifications about what I do? (eg for messages I write in threads or here, at my profile). Because I know that users will get a notification if I give a reaction (such as likeliness) to a message.
    I thought it was just the same as having friends on here. If someone follows you, they can readily click on your avatar and find out your post history.
    It is not understandable for me why @rinachi looks at here (AKA my profile) all the time... why is that?

    If he gives me a reason, I would appreciate it.
    Maybe he's wowed by your sick formatting skills.
    I will modify the profile banner soon because the banner which was taken directly from my Youtube channel has only one problem: the Youtube, Wikipedia and Facebook contact info is covered by the info listed by the forum.
    The solution: the logo will become horizontal and the contact info will moved above the name. With this, the Anime Superhero favicon will be added next to the Youtube one.
    Today I was sitting on Budapest bus line 138, and what did I see? This!

    However, this has nothing to do with Dexter's Laboratory or the live-action series. It is called like that because there is a Hungarian company in District 22 called Dexter.
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I'm still trying to add pages from Yahoo Answers to the Wayback Machine; if you know of any interesting pages add them & send me a link.
I still hate the fact on the forums when you make a comment on a post and even you click "watch" you sometimes get no notification about it when someone makes a comment.
Someone made an interesting comparison between Sponge Out Of Water and Avengers Endgame.

Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin have their first baby, a son named Dakota.

The Anime Superhero Hotel Concept is now available to everyone in this forum. Check it out if you want it.

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