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  • Today it is officially the 15th anniversary of CN City's European introduction, which was originally the aim of why I introduced a CN style look. But as of 16 April this is the permanent look of me.
    I remember waking up at 7am that day. Juniper Lee was on and the new logo was there. I was mindblown. (CN EMEA)
    Palk Áron 2002
    Palk Áron 2002
    Interesting! I don't know what was the first program to be aired with the new logo on the CEE version, as where I got the schedule, 03:00-06:00 CET is missing. I don't remember it as I didn't start watching CN until May-June 2008.
    Today was the 1st time I've played Puzzle League DS (European name of Planet Puzzle League), on a DS emulator of course. I enjoyed playing it for an hour. My highest chain is X7. I wish I could get a chain of X13 and up if I was fast enough to form matches.
    (REPOST) This is the list of the (fictional) AS Hotel members, effective 4 May when freshly joined Hungarian people finish their 4th-floor sequence.
    The same event happened on this thread twice, 15 April 15:31 CET and today, 14:11 CET.
    Myself and RandomMe pressed the Post Reply button at the same time. Isn't that weird?
    Hey there!
    Palk Áron 2002
    Palk Áron 2002
    Welcome to my profile. You can see that I changed my profile picture a bit, as it will be my 19th birthday in 1 week's time.
    I've decided to keep here the CN style look for a more permanent basis, mostly because of the childhood experiences I had with CN and the cuteness of Bloo.
    To emphasize this, the right-side text of the banner is changed.

    However, on Youtube, I'll continue using the normal, futuristic logo.
    I'm currently developing a concept called "The Anime Superhero Hotel", which is a building I dreamed about in the twilight hours today.
    I made another temporary rebrand now, this time for two weeks, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of CN City's European introduction (21 April 2006).

    Includes a 2004-styled profile picture and a banner featuring the 2010-present ITC Lubalin font and a checkerboard-styled logo.

    I also plan to occasionally post in the 10th international CN thread, and City era CN CEE schedules.
    In 1,5 years' time it will be the anniversaries of two Cartoon Networks. CEE will turn 20 on 30 September 2022, and USA will turn 30 the following day. When the anniversaries will finally come, I will use two different pictures to celebrate them. This is a preview.
    I'm planning to make a thread based on Moleoman's threads.

    It would be called "List of production music used by general international TV channels".
    And the thread would be about to post production music used in idents, launch countdowns, fillers and lineups of general international TV channels.
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Shrek came out on this day 20 years ago.
It appears showbuzzdaily ratings are having some issues.... Im hoping it will later then be restored for ratings.

I have a confession to make. I have never seen the original Teen Titans.
Who will end first the Simpsons or SpongeBob?
Today, the Humor + / TV2 Comedy switch took place exactly 1 year ago, if you are watching a camera-free one, here it is: The multi-screen version:

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