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  • I'm currently developing a concept called "The Anime Superhero Hotel", which is a building I dreamed about in the twilight hours today.
    I made another temporary rebrand now, this time for two weeks, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of CN City's European introduction (21 April 2006).

    Includes a 2004-styled profile picture and a banner featuring the 2010-present ITC Lubalin font and a checkerboard-styled logo.

    I also plan to occasionally post in the 10th international CN thread, and City era CN CEE schedules.
    In 1,5 years' time it will be the anniversaries of two Cartoon Networks. CEE will turn 20 on 30 September 2022, and USA will turn 30 the following day. When the anniversaries will finally come, I will use two different pictures to celebrate them. This is a preview.
    I'm planning to make a thread based on Moleoman's threads.

    It would be called "List of production music used by general international TV channels".
    And the thread would be about to post production music used in idents, launch countdowns, fillers and lineups of general international TV channels.
    RandomMe's thought of the temporary Paramount Network Hungary rebrand made me think that I must make parodies out of old Hungarian idents with the Paramount Network logo in it.

    I will start making them in a few days, and when I finish, I will send them to RandomMe first, and then to all of the people where I have a conversation with.

    Happy April Fools Day.
    I'm already made a mock video with retro style Paramount Network:
    This will be my new, modified, normal profile picture and banner. The reasons why I chose different idents as the background of the banner will be discussed here later.
    Today I was (and still) listening to a part of "Code Dead End" all the time, used in Spongebob Squarepants episode "Wormy", while chatting in this forum. It sounds so mysterious.
    I don't know why, but I enjoy playing Bejeweled Blitz (PC version) and 3(+) since April 2020.
    My favorite modes from 3(+) are Ice Storm and Diamond Mine.
    Blazing Speed!
    As of now I've introduced my Easter look which I will use for the whole duration of the spring break. I hope you like it.
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Ordered a drawing board and wooden ruler off Amazon. My Dad's bringing them over on Friday. Itching to try them both. The artwork in The Un-Iverse is about to get a LOT straighter!
Since it will be my birthday in 2 days' time, I've decided to virtually slice my profile picture as a birthday cake and give 12 slices, one is kept to me, one to Bloo and 10 slices to my favorite AS members.
I've been playing a ton of "Pac-Man 99" on the Nintendo Switch lately. Still can't seem to get above Rank #30 in a match....

EDIT: And yes, I'm enjoying it more than "Super Mario Bros. 35".
I just love the reactions to this comment, with some people playing along and others being like "Wait, what?"

I'm one of those Star Wars fans that never hated the Prequel Trilogy and felt it got more hate than it deserved. It wasn't perfect but neither was the Original Trilogy and I felt it did have its strengths.

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