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My Babysitter's a Vampire will release on HBO Max later this year

Could we be getting more Fresh TV content on the service in the future?
harry580 wrote on trfan's profile.
hi, turning red fan, I like turning red too
after watching Dr. Strange 2. I'm glad Sam Raimi gets to direct another film and put his filmmaking trademarks in their but at the same time It's still another manufactured Marvel movie and they got to hit certain beats or else audiences wouldn't like it.

I don't know if it's me getting tired of superhero films or me getting older and growing out of them and want to expand my movie tastes
I wonder if Mattel is going to make an animated Masters of the Universe project that includes the Sun Man and the Rulers of the Sun characters? It would be....interesting to see Pighead and Skeletor team up to fight their respective heroes.
I really wish greenlit the GKND!

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