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  • I recently revisited the Disney animated film Aladdin and really loved it! Therefore, I decided it would be a neat idea to make in the future a YouTube fan channel dedicated to it!
    SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout just aired on Nickelodeon Greece! One of the best specials of the series!!! Absolutely loved it!!!! Happy birthday, SpongeBob!!

    I know I may sound like an idiot, but does anybody play simulation games such as Paradise Island 2 and Rising Cities? (playing them right now)
    How did you got that thumbnail from?
    You mean this one.

    Yeah, I did saw My Fairy Tales: Aladdin in both Thai and English dubbed versions about several years ago. But can you the Greek cast and crew credits in Greek and English please when the guy reading out the credits!

    There's many reasons why TIGA's My Fairy Tales series sucks to begin with.
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    Thanks for the info, sir despite the long delay.
    Hi, did you ever see Cartoon Network in Greece? They still aired Greek subtitles in 2012, but were new cartoons subtitled, too? Do you know anyone from Cyprus? They still get Cartoon Network there and I really wonder if they still make Greek subtitles.
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Disney is having such a bad time this month. With removing of Love, Simon and moving it's series to Hulu because it is too "mature", stopping production of Lizzie McGuire because it was also too "mature", having a "LGBT representation" in Onward and she only appears in ONE scene, few DisneyParks shutting down temporarily due to Coronavirus, their stock went down, Bob Iger left, and is being replaced by Bob Chapek
I know I’m saying this out of nowhere but, I wish The Hub was still around. My favorite shows were Dan Vs. and The Aquabats Super Show.

Cort Lane leaves Marvel animation.
I'm hoping at some point this decade, Netflix will finally pick up one of Fresh TV's new projects instead of Cartoon Network (not to sound offensive but seven shows seem quite enough).

Also if Total Dramarama does get cancelled at some point, Fresh needs to put the Total Drama franchise to rest (not abandoning it) for a little while and focus on other projects like Lucas the Spider.
Low Spark of Lyman wrote on PinkiePie97's profile.
I've noticed in my "Alerts" that you've commented on the Flintstones video I posted today, yet no comments from you are visible on the page for it via my laptop/mobile device (I see other comments, though). Not sure what's going on.