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  • A bit of theory that no one was aware, from a while back from the early part of 2018, clips taken from any disney show episode, usually can upload no longer than 5 mins, (approximately 4:59 to be exact), come by later that year, the change had shrunken the time of the clip from 4:59 to 1:29, several months later around the time when Amphibia premiered, went from 1:29 to 40 or 30 seconds worth of a clip.
    For the rest of Season 2 as well as a possible Season 3 of "Unikitty!", I would really love to hear Tara Strong and Grey Griffin record more phrases together in unison all by themselves (in the voices of Unikitty and Puppycorn respectively) without the involvements of Kate Micucci (Dr. Fox), Roger Craig Smith (Hawkodile and Richard), Eric Bauza (Master Frown), and H. Michael Croner (Brock).
    Carlos Gutierrez
    Because there's two reasons:
    1. I love the bondship between Unikitty and Puppycorn as siblings.
    2. I love hearing characters voiced by Tara Strong speak in unison with characters voiced by Grey Griffin. (I remembered hearing Puppycorn's voice actress do the voice of the title character of "Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!" along with Unikitty's voice actress doing the voice of Daizy in the second season of that show.)
    Does anyone here even bothered watching anything from Universal Kids?
    I really going to miss Andi Mack, with that ending, the only live action show i got left is Raven's Home, the rest i could extremely care less, in A meantime, i suggest y'all a new 2019 Fan Fest from Disney Channel that is schedule to air on this saturday.
    Except something new.

    FirstOne Tv 2015-2019
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    Perla Magica
    Perla Magica
    Rest in peace, I was using to watch some foreign TV channels here.
    Same here, mainly used it to access the European Feed of Disney XD/Channel, without it, there’s no access to it.
    Any has something to say about the New Fox, now that Disney waited a million years to finally get ahold of Fox.
    Right now, I'm just wondering if this acquisition will affect the Fox network's relationship with 20th Century Fox Television.
    While After watching TTG, a Victor & Valentino sneak peak was spotted, it also mentioned that it will air around March, i hope @Markus Nelis got it recorded
    I wonder if there's any requirement on being a mod on this site since i notice that there's more that was added recently than the ones from when i first came to this site.
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