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Oh, hi! You've discovered my profile... how nice of you to drop in. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm not going to mention my age or even my name for privacy reasons, but I'm a guy who likes cartoons as well as many other facets of pop culture, mostly comic books and music. I also happen to be autistic, but I don't think that really matters around these parts. There are some fans of the animated medium who greatly prefer material from the Golden Age, like Bugs Bunny or Donald Duck, and then there are those who will mostly only watch more recent fare like Dexter's Laboratory or The Loud House. I'm not one of those people, as I enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of animation, classic and contemporary. Here's a list of some of my personal favorites:
-Looney Tunes
-Tom and Jerry
(even the Deitch and Chuck Jones ones! The WBA show has its moments, but I just don't care for the animation used)
-Tex Avery's cartoons for MGM
-SpongeBob SquarePants
-The Simpsons
-Rocko's Modern Life
-Ren and Stimpy
(Although it's hard to ignore the grossness of what its creator has done in recent years, you can't underestimate the impact this show had on animation in general)
-Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Cartoon Planet
-a number of Pixar's feature films, especially the Toy Story films (I even own a Bo Peep [I suppose I should put the hyphen in Bo's name, but I don't understand why it was there in the first place] lamp!) and Monsters Inc.
-Gravity Falls
-Wallace and Gromit
-Winnie the Pooh
(the featurettes, although I've been meaning to check out New Adventures someday)
-DuckTales (the 2017 series, I unfortunately haven't seen a full episode of the '87 series yet)
-Inspector Gadget
-The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie

As for non-cartoon likes, I love classic comedies like the Three Stooges and National Lampoon's Vacation movies, plus more recent fare like The Big Bang Theory and iCarly. I also have a tendency to avoid contemporary Nick and Disney kidcoms like the plague. A certain Fred Rogers also holds a special place in my heart just because I admire his unparalleled kindness and compassion. We sorely need a 21st century Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Rogers during these times, in a society that seems to think bleak, pessimistic thoughts about the future.

I only post here and there on these forums, but I mostly wile away my time here contributing to and managing various stock music identification threads in the Wiki. Inevitable as I have a strange fascination for the medium of production music, and have even ID'd various compositions used in SpongeBob and Ren and Stimpy for Ian Leuck/Classic Speedy and Allen J. I also have a fascination for the world of sound effects, and I'll even watch the most mediocre, assembly-line cartoons ever made just because I'm curious about the SFX utilized therein. Maybe one of these days I should open up a general stock SFX thread for all of you to contribute to, as I greatly feel that, although many think of goofy sound effects when they think cartoons, and many sing the praises of people like Treg Brown and Jimmy MacDonald, the world of cartoon sound design is grossly neglected for the most part, I feel.

I'm also an amateur writer, something I feel I really ought to get back at. I also have big ideas for what I'd do if I were in charge of Turner's Boomerang channel, plus plans for a Nickelodeon channel which is basically a 24-hour extension of the "Nick Rewind" block on TeenNick, only with a lot more than the same few Nicktoons (plus the occasional intrusion from All That or Kenan and Kel). If you're interested in any of that, message me.
Jan 19, 2002 (Age: 19)
The Neighborhood of Make-Believe



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