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  • You know what's weird? YouTube telling me to watch "Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain" - although the video which I saw that ad with was all clips from either "Animaniacs" or the original PatB series.
    I just found out Gene Deitch passed away. A moment of silence, please, for an animation legend. I must be one of the only people who actually thinks his Tom and Jerry cartoons are decent.
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I could find some stuff that was relatable from Kansas City.
@BlooMac, you don't mind if i upload your vbox7 recordings into my Mega account?

The winner of this competition is Okay Karaoke, which got 5 votes. Mayhem Of The Music Meister got 3 votes. Thanks for taking part in the competition. The article comes out Saturday.
Happy 40th Birthday, Chris Evans
My best friend is back in the hospital. I expected that but it still sucks. Bipolar sucks too.

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