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    What A Cartoon! "Larry And Steve" Talkback (Spoilers)

    First of all, had no idea CN was bothering to put episodes of What-A-Cartoon on their website. Interesting. Larry and Steve is definitely pretty enjoyable for what it is, and I'd honestly call it my second-favourite World Premiere Toon (behind The Fat Cats: Drip Dry Drips). As far as the points...
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    What happened to Megas XLR?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the creator said that it was cancelled due to budgetary issues with the network. Ben 10 had been greenlit and CN had to remove a show from production; it came down to either Teen Titans (which was about to end anyway) or Megas XLR. They chose to drop the...
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    SYM-BIONIC TITAN IS ON NETFLIX! (oh and some Scooby stuff too)

    Where did you ever get that impression? If I recall, CN writes off shows for the sake of tax returns or something of the sort. I doubt they want to bar reruns or revivals of shows like Sym-Bionic Titan (and other shows written off like Megas XLR and Generator Rex). Besides, these shows have been...
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    Cartoon Network's library of cartoons

    Nick Rewind is not an apt comparison, as it worked for reasons specific to Nickelodeon as a whole. For one, Nick has a proper plan of releasing its media on home media. It could market the nostalgic value of its old shows and release them under that label. CN did something similar where they...
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    Cartoon Network's library of cartoons

    I assume it has to do with how much CN evolved as a network. When it first started out, it was little more than a cheap network dedicated to airing old-school cartoons for 24 hours a day. But before the 1990's ended, they had already started evolving into a new kind of powerhouse, one that...
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    Why did CN feel the need to revamp and retool The Powerpuff Girls when they made the reboot, and take out what made the classic series so special?

    I think he was meant to be a parody of the narrators featured in older superhero cartoons, especially since he actually had some sort of identity and was treated as his own character. I mean, they basically proved this in an episode where Mojo Jojo locked him up so he could control the Powerpuff...
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    Most Forgotten Cartoon Network shows from each decade

    This is a weird topic, mainly because it gets brought around so much that I have to wonder whether people have actually forgotten about them if they ever knew about them in the first place. Not only that; I also wonder if all these "forgotten" topics save the shows from being forgotten. I...
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    Top Ten Best CN Shows Nobody Talks About

    I guess whoever voted for the entries thought that the "best CN shows nobody talks about" did not involve shows from this decade since all anybody talks about is from this decade. I see. Because apparently these lists never bothered to mention shows like Generator Rex or Sym-Bionic Titan, I can...
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    Disney+ News & Discussion Thread

    Well, just because they will be on the service, it does not necessarily mean you have to watch them even if you consider yourself a Disney fanatic. The collection is arguably far too vast for anyone to sit down and watch anyway. I mean, there are probably other choices for the service you may be...
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    Top 10 Cartoon Network Shows That You Miss/Will Make You Nostalgic

    Yeah, that was my fault. I just saw a bunch of posts on their videos from a few months back that seemed to spark some discussion, so I decided to fill in with some of the other videos they recently uplodaded--all at once. Not a great idea in retrospect. Never really cared for WatchMojo anyway...
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    Top 10 Best Cartoon Network Shows of the 90's

    CN only had eleven original series the entire decade (animated ones at least)--the only one they never mentioned at all is The Moxy [Pirate] [and Flea] Show because who cares about that. And yes, it qualifies especially since they included Cartoon Planet on the list. See, the thing about CN in...
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    Top 10 Cartoon Network Theme Songs

    Oh yeah. I forgot about that song. Definitely at least an honourable mention. Actually, I just noticed that this list has nothing from the 2010's (save Adventure Time, which was at the very start of the decade anyhow). Biased much? For sure. I think that whatever votes were cast for the...
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    Top 10 Secret Cartoon Network Easter Eggs

    Teen Titans GO! being on the list is a bit weird to see, since I always thought it was better associated as a DC show that happened to air on the network. I know the show (and movie) have plenty of Easter eggs, but those seem better confined to a list on Easter eggs in the DC universe rather...
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    Top 10 Secret Cartoon Network Easter Eggs

    Last major WatchMojo list for now. WatchMojo ranking Easter eggs? Can they even do that? And can I please add that the crossover episode of OK KO is a bunch of Easter eggs even after we ignore the main characters. Everyone else in the background is clearly meant for spotting. That was a...
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    Top 10 Cartoon Network Shows That You Miss/Will Make You Nostalgic

    They have different titles on their site and YouTube. Here I am watching taped uploads (from other people) of all the shows mentioned here for my entertainment, and MsMojo comes and tells me that I miss these shows? That I have nostalgia for them? Who does MsMojo think I am?

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