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    The Barbarian and the Troll news discussion thread

    Saw the 2nd episode and it's just as witty as the first one. The writing is without a doubt as clever as The Muppets with that same sense of adventurous atmosphere you'd get from those decades old movies - haven't seen enough of the 21st century flicks.
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    Netflix's Terminator Anime

    Viz is the same company that handles licensing of anime. People said Phil Bourassa's style is anime influenced. You'll hear/read folks online calling the James Tucker era, DC anime movies. It's really not that hard to grasp of a concept which only exists in the West for the Japanese word for...
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    Netflix's Terminator Anime

    That MOTU sequel is being done by the same production company as Castlevania, Seis Manos, & Blood of Zeus, which most likely means it would carry on that "anime" aesthetic rather than Filmation's style. This Terminator series has a Japanese co. behind it.
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    "The Worlds of DC" Movie News & Discussion Part 4 (Spoilers)

    "...somehow I’m the person with the dark sensibility? I wanted to say, 'I’ve been saving you from yourselves! I’ve been working with the director to bring a voice of conscience and sanity to the almost perversely dark film you’ve been developing for years, but I’m the problem here?'” - Chris...
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    Powerpuff Girls Live Action CW Series In Development

    Need to know the context of why as adults they're basically wearing their kids' attire. Would be quite hilarious if that is their go-to uniforms to fight crime.
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    Why are there so few modern silent slapstick cartoons?

    I was thinking Tom & Jerry, even if all the characters around them provide the dialogue. As far as explanation goes, it has to be the same reason as why certain movies/shows only sell well internationally. American humor (the references, the puns) from a writing perspective is apparently hard to...
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    "Batman: The Long Halloween, Parts 1-2" Animated Feature Pre-Release News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    Woah, I can not at all tell that's Jensen Ackles as Batman. Probably the best DC trailer I've seen in a long long time.
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    It's on Nicktoons. Leagues better than Mr. Meaty.

    It's on Nicktoons. Leagues better than Mr. Meaty.
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    How come no one made The Barbarian & the Troll thread? this show is so good.

    How come no one made The Barbarian & the Troll thread? this show is so good.
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    "DC Showcase (Animated Shorts)" News & Discussion Thread, Part 2 (Spoilers)

    between the Red Tornados, Brainiac, Manhunters, and Amazo...I guess they just saw them as redundant, even though OMAC would have had their live-action premiere in JLM
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    "New Gods" News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    I don't know what anything means at all for any project from both Marvel/DC. Too random of an assortment. Thought for sure that at the very least these spinoffs (which were so far removed from any standard superhero/supervillain story) was going to be an expansion of sorts for some corner of the...
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    "New Gods" News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    do it for HBO Max, I need to know how Darkseid reclaimed his throne and Steppenwolf betrayed him :)
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    New ThunderCats film in the works.

    Curious to know if the characters would look more animalistic because if you do adapt in live-action what's been drawn you basically would still get Cats. Plus, there's still that live-action fan trailer with Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel, & Hugh Jackman

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