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  • What in the actual heck is going on with Marvel's animation division?!
    I couldn't care less about another shared universe...but c'mon and get one of these myriad of projects going already.
    Haven't watched every animated feature this year, but my guess for CellSpex's annual Worst to Best will top at another Christmas themed movie. Not quite sure if she'd bemoan this year as being one of the duller outputs, though, as she did back in 2011.
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Did you know that 99% of the facts about "Xiaolin Chronicles" were actually made up by the fans, since the show was produced in France, not the United States?
This theory is.... interesting.

Zack Synder's Watchman adaption came out 12 years ago today.
on KCA, some of iCarly cast will appear there. Upcoming Paw Patrol Movie will be mentioned in KCA
Apparently I matter to people. That's sort of nice to know. Granted, I'd prefer more favorable opinions, but it's nice to know people care I exist, even if it's merely to wish I don't.

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