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    The "What'cha Been Playin'?" Thread

    Finally started Ni-oH recently. While I've always had an interest in the "souls" game I've never had an interest to try them out until now, and even then Ni-oh is the only one of it's elk that I'm giving a shot mainly because of the setting. I love the samurai setting and culture. Always have...
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    Tekken 7 Heading To Consoles This Summer!

    Just in case no one seen it. GEESE in Tekken.
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    Dragon Ball FighterZ: News and Discussion Thread

    I'm not a fan of Dragon Ball these days, but I'm definitely looking forward to this one. I'm a little worried that in terms of gameplay that it might be on the easy side. I'm not looking for something as deep and complex as Tekken or Guilty Gear, but considering that this is an ArcSystems Works...
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    [PS4] "Kingdom Hearts III" Pre-release Discussion (Spoilers)

    Kingdom Hearts 2 was the last one I played and I was never big on it. That trailer look so good though.
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    (PlayStation Experience) Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite

    I've pretty much been avoiding this thread since it seems like everyone is looking forward to this game, and I didn't want to be that guy and ruin the mood. I'll try to avoid doing that since my hype for this game has died, but a little bit of it has been revived with the reveal of Jedah from...
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    The "What'cha Been Playin'?" Thread

    It's been a little bit since I've posted in this thread. To be honest, the only game I've actually played this year has been Persona 5. I haven't really had much interest in anything else despite being excited for a lot of games. I think my disappointment with the way Mass Effect Andromeda...
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    "Injustice 2" Video Game Talkback (Spoilers)

    I generally skip all of NRS games because, as a fighting game, they do nothing for me. I cannot stand the animations that you usually see in a NRS title, and no doubt it's also here in Injustice 2. Characters are too stiff for me, but despite all of that, the Red Hood announcement trailer won me...
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    April, 2017--What Did You Buy/Get This Month

    I pre-ordered Persona 5 (Steel book edition). I actually forgot about this game until last week. As for the series itself, I've never really played them. My only experience with the MegaTen games is with Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne. After that, I got into the Tales series and then I got...
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    Tekken 7 Heading To Consoles This Summer!

    Not sure if many has been following since the Akuma reveal, and I'm not going to post all of who has been revealed thus far, but I'll try to name folks as well. Starting from the latest we have Last time I played as Eddy was in Tekken 3 and he was pretty much the main guy I played as (him...
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    March, 2017--What Did You Buy/Get This Month

    I got Ni-oh and Nier. Haven't been able to play anything since I've been working 7 days a week since mid Feb. My hype for Mass Effect Andromeda have dwindled completely. Not sure if I want it at all at this point. I might get Yakuza 0. Haven't really been sold on the game as of yet. And then I...
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    MARVEL and Square Enix Collaboration

    Curiosity perked. Is this the same team behind Tomb Raider and Deus Ex? If so, I'll definitely keep an eye on this one.
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    The "Nintendo Switch" News and Discussion Thread

    Talk about a 180. I haven't cared about anything Nintendo has done sense the N64 days. My brother dabbled with the GameCube, and my mother has a Wii (I'm thinking about updating it some my nephew could play) and they tried to get me to play and it just wasn't happening. Even coming here back in...
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    Your Video Game Haul for 2016

    PS4 Street Fighter 5 Uncharted 4 Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 King of Fighters 14 Batman: Return to Arkham Dragonball Xenoverse 2 Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Shadow of Mordor Assassin's Creed: Syndicate DMC...
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    [PS4, XONE & PC] Mass Effect - New Series (Pre-Release)

    That's so sick. That's the one and only trailer I'll be watching because I'm going on a media blackout on this game. This is probably the game I've been waiting for (along with Shenmue 3) the most and I don't know about others, but I actually like being hyped up for a game and I feel too many...
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    The "What'cha Been Playin'?" Thread

    Final Fantasy 15 While I wouldn't call it my favorite Final Fantasy (that's between 4 and 8) it's definitely a fun one. I've yet to delve into the story. Hell, I'm only at the part where I first started fishing, and even then I doubled back to the town beforehand and just did my first night time...