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  • Cartoon Network is trending on Twitter...I guess because of the WBB spin-off (which I read was previewed today)? And also the Christmas episode of original PPG?
    Here's a joke I came up with (don't know if it's been done before or not, but oh well):

    Why is Thanksgiving a good day to watch bad movies? Because they're turkeys.
    I would like to know. Are ''Xiaolin Chronicles'' currently unlincensed, at least in the United States, and why?
    On MeTV's SMC this morning, there was Duck Amuck almost followed by Rabbit Rampage. In-between the two similar cartoons was The Jet Cage, which marked the transition from Milt Franklyn to William Lava.
    I really like this:

    A collection of bumpers from WFLD in Chicago featuring various characters from their cartoon line-up back in the late 70s/early 80s: Super Cartoon Sunrise. Each with rain, snow and normal looks. The rectangle served as a clock when on air.
    R.I.P. to composers Ralph Carmichael (The Blob, My Mother the Car) and Leslie Bricusse (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; also wrote the lyrics to the James Bond songs Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice).
    Last year, about a month following the death of Gene Deitch, I decided to watch a compilation video of Rembrandt Films. One of the entries was an adaptation of Anatole, featuring the voice of Carl Reiner, who died one month later.
    R.I.P. to Koichi Sugiyama (April 11, 1931 – September 30, 2021), Japanese composer and orchestrator who is best known for his contributions to the Dragon Quest video game series.
    R.I.P. to actors Ravil Isyanov (GoldenEye, Transformers Dark of the Moon), Cynthia Harris (Mad About You, Edward & Mrs. Simpson, Three Men and a Baby) and Gerald Home (Return of the Jedi, Mr. Muscle television commercials).
    R.I.P. to directors Jay Sandrich (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Cosby Show, Soap) and Roger Michell (Notting Hill, Venus, My Cousin Rachel), both of whom passed away on Sept. 22.
    Low Spark of Lyman
    Low Spark of Lyman
    Also (Sept. 21) actors Al Harrington (Hawaii Five-O), Peter Palmer (Li'l Abner) and Willie Garson (Sex and the City).
    Earlier this year was the 20th anniversary of macOS (then known as Mac OS X): 10.0 "Cheetah". Today, it's the 20th anniversary of the next release: 10.1 "Puma".
    Low Spark of Lyman
    Low Spark of Lyman
    Less importantly: today's the 4th anniversary of macOS 10.13 High Sierra; yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of 10.14 Mohave (which I'm still using).
    The MeTV online schedule for Bugs Bunny and Friends mistakenly listed People Are Bunny for today when instead there was Hare Trigger.

    Also, today seems like an anniversary for something...just trying to remember what it was I was thinking of.
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today's my birthday, but it's more of a "sad birthday" than a "happy birthday" to me, because I'm still having a mental breakdown over my past. ugh.
Asa wrote on wonderfly's profile.
With the Omicron variant spreading in South Africa, do you think it's a good time to reopen the COVID-19 discussion board or are you going to keep it closed for good?
This special is worth it just to see Ben Schwartz rap about latkes.

someone once told me that the Korean language is like if the Chinese and Japanese languages melted into each other and came up with something different
The Loud House > Riverdale

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