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    Best and Worst of Nickelodeon in 2020

    Best: Season 5 of the Loud House The Astronauts CBS All Access Worst: The Henry Danger franchise continues to be milked, with Danger Force. NickRewind continues to be on auto-pilot. No Season 4 of Hunter Street (which is coming this year)
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    January 2021 Nick Premieres

    The titles of the new SpongeBob episodes has me interested. I look forward to seeing them. I'll also give Kamp Koral a watch.
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    MeTV Launching Toon in with Me

    This is why I have all episodes set to automatically record. I also try to watch them live as they air, which I did this morning. Then I take the DVR recordings, and record the episodes to DVD. I like to preserve these. MeTV has handled the airing of these cartoons very well so far. Unlike...
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    NickRewind News & Talkback Thread Part 2

    I've been recording episodes of the shows from NickRewind to DVD sometimes, particularly when it's something rarely aired, like All Grown Up and Danny Phantom. I like making my own NickRewind DVDs. I want to have some preservation of these.
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    MeTV Launching Toon in with Me

    This is certainly a moment in history too, because this will be the first time in the United States since 2000 that classic Looney Tunes shorts will be airing on a channel that's not Cartoon Network or Boomerang. And some of these shorts haven't aired in the US in years (such as "One Froggy...
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    2021 on Nickelodeon Predictions

    Since Jimmy Neutron is doing this, then I predict some episodes of the original Rugrats series will be airing on the main Nickelodeon next year too, since the reboot is coming out. I also predict that new episodes of Hunter Street for the 4th season will premiere on the main Nickelodeon again...
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    NickRewind News & Talkback Thread Part 2

    For All Grown Up, it would be the first time. In fact, I think this is the first time this particular episode of All Grown Up is airing on the block at all.
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    The Loud House - "Seasons Cheatings / A Flipmas Carol!" [12/05/20]

    Still, I feel the whole situation with Chandler and the backpack jetpack was a kick to the face. At least the other episode has Flip being generous for once, which was nice to see.
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    "DuckTales" (2017) Series Talkback (Spoilers)

    I'm sad to hear this is ending after just three seasons. It deserved one or two more. Hopefully, this finale will be a good send off, and manage to outdo the finales for the previous two seasons.
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    MeTV Launching Toon in with Me

    I wonder if they will show any Speedy Gonzales cartoons. I'm not getting my hopes up though. Even the HBO Max app only has one Speedy short so far.
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    Nicktoons (the channel) News and Discussion Thread 4

    I agree. Nicktoons Network went downhill years ago, and I feel the only thing that could save it now it turn it into a fully NickRewind channel. Everything they show are reruns already, so what do they have to lose?
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    The Loud House - "Seasons Cheatings / A Flipmas Carol!" [12/05/20]

    I admit, the ending for "Season's Cheatings" angered me a bit. Lincoln sacrificed his backpack jetpack for nothing, since Chandler already had one. I wish Chandler would have been nice to Lincoln just this one time, and give the backpack jetpack back to him.
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    Have you seen the early Looney Tunes shorts?

    Only a few. For the most part, I haven't seen anything before 1937. For me, Looney Tunes didn't really hit its stride until about 1943, when the black-and-white cartoons were completely phased out.
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    MeTV Launching Toon in with Me

    Luckily, I happen to get MeTV. It's the only nostalgic over-the-air channel I get. I can't wait. I already do watch MeTV from time to time, and it looks like I'll be watching it more starting in January. With that, and Saved by the Bell already on the schedule for weekends, it's going to truly...
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    Spongebobs cancellation (If it did happen)

    It'll happen eventually. No show runs forever. At least not in its original form. But when it does happen, the franchise will continue on through spin-offs, reboots and perhaps TV movies, much like Looney Tunes, The Flintstones and Scooby-Doo. And yes, The Loud House would be "the new...

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