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  • Spring premiere flood on TV2 Film Verse:
    16 May:

    -The Fast & Furious 8
    -Night School
    22 May:
    23 and 24 May:
    -Mamma Mia - Here We Go Again
    -Despicable Me
    -Despicable Me 2.
    -Despicable Me 3.
    -Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom
    I don't like The Fast and Furious! :mad:
    Why don't you like The Fast and Furious movies?
    Today, the Humor + / TV2 Comedy switch took place exactly 1 year ago, if you are watching a camera-free one, here it is: The multi-screen version:
    TV2C Schedule
    23.00 : American Dad! (AP)
    00.00 : Futurama (AP)
    01.00 : The Cleveland Show (AP)
    02.00 : The Simpsons (AP)
    TV2 Comedy is almost 1 year old this year!
    Ibid: Tomorrow is the day on which Humor + was replaced by TV2 Comedy 1 year ago.
    Hi, God and ruler of the world/Világok istene és ura!
    Örülök hogy ön írt az üzenőfalamra, kövessenek engem az Anime Superhero fórumon is!/I'm glad you wrote on my message board, follow me on the Anime Superhero forum too!
    Children age movies on RTL Klub!
    May 16, 2021:

    -13.35 : Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (12)
    -15.50 : The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (12)
    -19.00 : Wonder Woman (12)
    -21.50 : Captain America : The Winter Soldier (12)
    Children age movies on TV2!
    May 15, 2021:

    -13.00 : The Lost World: Jurassic Park (12)
    -20.00 : The Mummy (12)
    May 16, 2021:
    13.45 : The Penguins of Madagascar (2014 movie) (12)
    Children's block shows:
    TV2 - TV2 Matinee: Every Saturday and Sunday
    -06.00: The Smurfs
    -06.15: Garfield and Friends (with 2x)
    -06.45: Hungarian folk tales (with 5x part)
    -07.35: Tales about King Matthias
    -07.50: The Smurfs (with 2x part)
    *For the deaf and hard of hearing, the next track is labeled on page 888 of TV2 Text.
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    Reactions: Low Spark of Lyman
    Amazing to see that TV2 and RTL Klub still have decent programming blocks, even though they run early, however SIC and TVI have mostly dropped that
    Children's block shows:
    RTL Club - Puppy Club: Every Sunday
    -06.30: The Adventures of Björn's Teddy Bear
    -06.50: Garfield
    -07.10: The Loud House
    -07.35: Duck Tales
    -08.05: Aladdin
    -08.35: Bakugan: Battle Planet
    -09.05: Star Wars - Rebels
    *Our next show can be watched by deaf and hard of hearing viewers on page 888 of RTL Klub Teletext.
    Children's block shows:
    RTL Klub - Puppy Club: Every Saturday
    -06.30: Garfield
    -06.50: The Loud House
    -07.10: Chip & Dale
    -07.35: Duck Tales (with 2x part)
    -08.35: Aladdin
    -09.05: Bakugan: Battle Planet
    -09.30: Star Wars - Rebels
    *Our next show can be watched by deaf and hard of hearing viewers on page 888 of RTL Klub Teletext.
    Hi everyone!

    I'm Kristóf Laci, who owns the YouTube world, media, and video gaming!
    Just cartoons and nothing else!
    I inform dear Anime Superheroes users to enter up to 420 characters. Please understand!

    Regards and welcome everyone:
    Kristóf László
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what happened to Nostalgialodeon twitter user? Now it shows as twitter account doesn't exist

Bella/Big from Polly Pocket reminds me of Big Barda from DC Superhero Girls 2015, being a physically strong character who's initially antagonistic before becoming a friend to the main characters, and showing a softer side. Rhona Rees even seems to channel a voice similar to Misty Lee. I know Shea Fontana developed both shows, but still.
Asa wrote on kanc's profile.
I’m hoping the first Madagascar movie finally airs on Nickelodeon this year. They’ve only played the sequels so far.
Feels like I’m the only person who uses Opera

This song made me realize how it's rare for most projects to pair up Goofy and Daisy, yet they play well off of each other.

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