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  • I'm still depressed that CN rejected Trick Moon. That pilot deserved much better than this.

    Here's hoping that Disney Channel or Disney Plus could pick this up.
    Hello everyone. I'm JMTV Studios. This is my first time to be part of the Toonzone Forums. I've been going to Toonzone for over 5 years reading all the discussions from former and current members from the community talking about cartoons in a unique and thought provoking way. I was a bit on and off over the years and thinking about being part of the group, but now I think it's the best time to do it.
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I'm not sure this would happen, but a Ghoul School show would be pretty cool.

Ready for Halloween!
We have Kim Possible and Flame Princess making bacon pancakes (I assume this was filmed long before quarantine).

Who wants to bet when Oaxis launches, it'll just be the Noog Network with family-friendly public domain content added in?
How come every time I try to associate with a social media account on my profile, I'm getting an error message?