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The one thing I will always respect about Animaniacs is that the voice actors always have a lot of fun.

Retro kids shows are like fries. They complement both steak(retro grown up shows) and burgers(modern kids shows), but are NOT to be used as a main course. Kids won’t watch a network focused on retro kids shows because they’re focused on new(or at least modern looking) shows, and adults won’t watch a retro kidvid network because they think that they’re too old. Hence, all retro kids networks either change focus or die
So, Mick Wingert is currently following me on Twitter. That's pretty cool.
I'm gonna be taking a break from Twitter for 1 whole week. It's too hard for me to talk about.
You know at this point I'm just going to say the Wonder Park series is probably shelved and would never see the light of day.

The movie was greenlit at a time when Paramount and Nick had different management and by the time the movie was released and bombed the previous execs weren't there anymore.