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  • Did Toonheads actually air on Boomerang at one point? I actually forgot the date when the show aired on the channel.
    Yep, looks like it aired in 2006 at 2 in the morning.
    Remember when I said The Dog and Pony Show should come to Qubo? Well, it's probably not happening. Since Discovery is a co producer it will probably end up on Discovery Family and Discovery Famiila.
    Alright, I don't why I commented on a Disney Junior thread. I just deleted my post and I apologize. I know I don't watch Disney Junior anymore, so I don't know why I commented on that thread. Like I said I do participate in the Qubo News and Discussion Thread because I DO like Qubo.
    Ah, I wasn't aware that the music was from an official channel. Thank you for the information. I still probably would have closed it due to using Toonbarn as a source given that it does have unofficial videos to various shows, but it's good to know that the music itself was from an official source.
    We don't give away information as to why members were banned. That information is only for the staff members and the specific users in question.
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Jada Pinkett Smith's new animated short "Cops and Robbers" nearly ended up on Nick rather than Netflix Jada Pinkett Smith on Police Brutality and Animated Short ‘Cops and Robbers’ (EXCLUSIVE)
What's up with Mattel's fondness with Scare Glow in new Masters of the Universe merchandise? Maybe because he's a FREAKING SKELETON THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK, which is more toyetic than a guy with just a skull for a face, like Skeletor.
I'm the only one here to have a merman as an avatar.
Vuxovich wrote on Tacomaster's profile.
Do you know the reason why PPGZ never aired in North America, most of Europe, the Middle East and Africa? I still think that the reason why PPGZ never aired in the US was because a dub separate from the Ocean Group one was planned for the American audience, but never materialized.