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''Whoever filmed the live-action Powerpuff pilot in Atlanta'' thought the dub of Powerpuff Girls Z was done in that city. It was done in Vancouver and it would make sense if the live-action Powerpuff show gets shot in that Canadian city. Your opinions on my comment?

So Charlotte Fullerton is working on something for Damage Control at Marvel Comics. I think that's fitting.
Family emergency update:

Awhile back, at the time I made my first update here, my mother was admitted to the hospital due to an internal heart bleed. Later on down the line, she received a quadruple bypass surgery early last week, then later discharged just days later.

However, today, she's now admitted again, this time due to a "shortness of breath." I'm worried about her. (and my health)

This is the closest thing to a crossover between Phineas And Ferb and Lilo And Stitch.
Barbie: Princess Adventure has a fun casting decision. Barbie's lookalike Princess Amelia is voiced by Erica Lindbeck when speaking and Jordyn Kane when singing. Both had been in other Barbie projects, with Erica being Barbie before America Young took over, and Jordyn doing her singing in various movies before Elli Moore took over.

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