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  • Just joined, love all DC animations especially DCAU, but saddened to see the severe Hawkgirl shortage in the new stuff... she's my favorite and was done so beautifully in JL/JLU, but now they keep making more movies and it's like she doesn't exist. Poor unpopular Hawkgirl :( well in the meantime here's a song I wrote about Hawkgirl & Green Lantern cuz I'm just that much of a geek.
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kanc wrote on DonkeyKongSong's profile.
I am still amazed that Adventures of Jimmy Neutron took only 3 weeks to make an episode.
It's gonna get a little weird, gonna get a little wild, I ain't from around here, I'm from another dimension!
City Escape was the best 3-D Sonic level until Sonic Colors. It's so much better than other 3-D Sonic levels (including other levels in the same game).
Blathers' museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives me some Foster's Home vibes

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