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    [Adult Swim's]/Toonami August 2020 Premiere Info

    yes Assassination Classroom Sun August 30th - 1:00 AM (EST) - (Episode 1) - "Assassination Time" [SERIES PREMIERE] finally AC is Toonami worthly
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    SONY VS AT&T WINNER GETS CRUNCHYROLL What You Need to Know: It was reported on The Information today that Sony is in talks to purchase Crunchyroll from WarnerMedia for around $1.5 Billion USD. According to The Information, Crunchyroll would be added to Sony's anime empire along with its...
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    C&C - Black Clover - "To The Heart Kingdom!" [8/8]

    it was nice to learn about the Stages of power in the world of black cover 10 being the lowest and zero being the highest mage's power stage
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    other anime boards

    ok here
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    Ren And Stimpy Reboot For Comedy Central

    I guess Comedy central will reboot anything to stay alive in the Syndication area of tv because of the cv19 and reason two networks just don't care anymore Much like tbs and TNT Look I grew up watching both Beavis and butt-head and Ren and Stimpy so I asking comedy central how do you...
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    other anime boards

    Yes I remember you seeing on the TF boards, and About FUNimation's announcement about shutting down their board ok I heard two things one ZeetherToday at 11:53 AM because forums are dead also, the FUNimation ones were basically nonexistent direct from their discord server / or chat room...
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    Disney XD News & Discussion Thread

    The only things I watch on Disney XD are Bayblade Pokemon Spiderman and star wars
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    other anime boards

    I have been noticing in the past few months, That a Lot of the anime boards have been shutting down like Toonami faithful and now on august 12/2020 the Funimation boards only are shutting down too is this board shutting down too?
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    C&C - Naruto Shippuden - "Ghosts from the Past" [7/11]

    I love that Standoff after so much time, the sound 4 vs the kids of the leaf or should I say the Leaf teenagers this is filler what??
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    Is Simpsons still airing in syndication?

    On FXX channel 109 The Simpsons are on that channel at weeknights 5 pm- to 10 pm and on Sunday afternoons from 12 pm to 5pm with a theme block I wonder will Disney plus air season 31 of the Simpsons at some point?
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    C&C - Naruto Shippuden - "Terror! The Steam Imp" [6/27]

    I don't understand something why does Shippuden has to be the last show on Toonami, why cant black clover and Naruto Shippuden have the 12 am to 1 am slot on Toonami right now Food wars and Jojo, and MHA, fire force, demon slayer, & finally Boruto are all on breaks with season finales right...
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    Bakugan: Battle Planet (Discussions)

    Could Disney X D use Bakugan: and all their season on their channel that would led to two hours of anime on the channel, bayblade yu kai watch Poke'mon and now Bakugan:
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    "Marvel's Spider-Man" (Animated Series) News & Discussion Thread, Part 6 (Spoilers)

    this Spider-man cartoon is missing something called a Flashback or a back story for the avengers' sidekicks While talking to Iron heart Spider-man said something about a mentorship program for all the side but I guess that DXD forgot about and the Spidey fans want to know wear is Eddie Brock...
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    "Marvel's Spider-Man" (Animated Series) News & Discussion Thread, Part 6 (Spoilers)

    I am sorry but Cho just does not make a good hulk jr or hulk 2.0 to me he is too smug
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    MTV Animation

    I miss all of the MTV cartoons mostly Beavis and Butt-head