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    Harvey Beaks Series Talkback

    I do feel that it was a bit weird to make the twins go with the parents but I ultimately respect the decision. The finale left a bitter feeling in my mouth, but I do believe it was amazing. Irving's talk to Harvey did make me drop some tears, it also felt like it had some sort of a meta aspect...
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    Harvey Beaks Series Talkback

    Later Dingus is incredible. It's easily the saddest episode of the series, and it gets even a bit hard to watch after the second half, but I'm glad they had the courage to do this one, because I think it's one of the most grounded and well handled episodes about death I've seen in a children...
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    Harvey Beaks Series Talkback

    Squashbuckling is a good, if slightly by the numbers, episode. Randl and his mom are entertaining as always. I really like Photo Finished, it was just a very entertaining watch all the way through. Pretty sure I've seen that kind of plot (parents get addicted to technology) before but it was...
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    Harvey Beaks Series Talkback

    The Late Afternoon and The Grunicorn are two of the best later episodes in my opinion. The Late Afternoon is very funny and charming, I also love the huge amount of musical nods to earlier episodes through the whole thing (one of the songs from Steampunks, the one from Secret Gordon amongst...
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    Harvey Beaks Series Talkback

    So I've seen all the episodes because I'm not from the United States. But I'm glad about this. We'll finally get to see them in high quality and I'll take any place I get to discuss about them. Today's episodes are very good. On the Fence is probably my favorite of the two, probably the most...
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    Disney XD Orders Animated Series ‘Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero’

    Damn this finale was wonderful if you ask me. It felt like they just really bombed us with weird stuff in the second half, but it worked. The Phyllis/Phil thing was pretty interesting and I love how they kind of gave a purpose to almost every character at the end. I can definitely get all the...
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    "Hey Arnold" TV movie in development (for real this time!)

    Oh this one looks fantastic too.
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    "Big City Greens" News And Discussion Thread

    This show looks wonderful! I actually can see a slight Harvey Beaks influence on it which makes sense.
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    "Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling" News and Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

    Now that's how you make a reboot. This trailer was amazing and it left me with very high hopes for this.
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    R.I.P. Chris Cornell

    I miscalculated, it should be 30 instead of 20 years (since the albums are from the 90s), not that it matters but.. I listened to Superunknown and Down on the Upside today, still mega strong albums. This really caught me off guard, he really seemed to be in an alright place these days, but of...
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    R.I.P. Chris Cornell

    He was truly one of a kind. He had a great music career and I consider some Soundgarden albums to be amongst the best of the last 20 years. Superunknown is an special album for me. The fact that it was apparently a suicide makes some songs really hard for me to listen to right now. Rest in...
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    Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, or Star vs. the Forces of Evil?

    I like star vs, but it's not even in the same league for me. It always felt a bit over hyped. From the other 2, it depends on the day, I like them almost equally. I think that Gravity Falls is the objectively better show, but I'm feeling more Steven Universe at the moment, so I'll vote for it.
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    Harvey Beaks Series Talkback

    Yes, these are really good episodes. The Blister is one of the better executions that I've seen from the "kid befriends a grumpy old person", and the thing with Randl's mom was hilarious, is Blister his father or something? The ending was really cute. Oh and I loved The Bad Seed, I liked the...
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    Harvey Beaks Series Talkback

    Secret Gordon was stunning, it was probably the most consistently gorgeous (visually) episode of the show, and I have a weakness for "magical forests/gardens/etc" stuff. And Piri Piri's feeling felt real and relatable for me, I just really liked this one. I loved Unknown Comic as well, it's was...
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    Bob's Burgers - Season Seven Talkback (Spoilers)

    These last episodes have all been quite good. Especially the last 2. As much as I love this show I often find it hard to comment because how much I enjoy it usually depends on great one liners and hilarious moments that I sometimes forget about after posting them. I thought the "Mr Business" one...

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