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  • Check out @RandomMe 's Drawing Board Thread! It's really cool!

    Mermen rule!
    Angry because of the news. VERY angry.
    My turn! Check out my Drawing Board Threads!

    For the whole story uninterrupted (This will be updated with the new issues soon).

    For the story, plus updates, Sketches, and the annoyingly long Linear Notes.

    ALL Un-Iverse issues now at my site. Nuclear Option go "Boom".

    Details Here:

    Check out @Sam the Cartoonist 's Drawing Board thread!

    Make sure to check out his sites too! The Shapes is cool!
    Check out @Gatordragon 's Art Stuff on The Drawing Board! It's really cool and funky.

    Check out @Palk Áron 2002 's Drawing Board thread on Anime Superhero!

    He's got some great banners going! Support all of our artists on Anime Superhero!
    @ilpuyopuyo , you have yet to create a Drawing Board thread even though you have been kind enough to want to participate. I suggest you create one to show off your work! The drawing you posted was neat! Give me a place to link to!
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    my Twitter account and my Instagram account is where i post my arts

    note:i also retweet and tweet some stuff (aside from arts) on my twitter account.
    Fone Bone
    Fone Bone
    Do you have link for either? I'll hype it!
    Over the next few weeks I will be linking to the many wonderful artists on The Drawing Boards threads on The Drawing Board here in my profile. Participants in the Kos Diary come first, but after that I'll try to get to as many active artists as possible.
    Need at least three more artist commitments for the Anime Superhero Kos diary. Hopefully many more. C'mon, guys. Pull through. I've extended the opt-in period another week to two weeks.

    Doctor's follow-up to my ER visit for chest pains went well. They drew blood and I have amazing cholesterol numbers. I'm shocked. I emailed my doctor my surprise and said that at my weight I expected to bleed maple syrup or gravy.

    Clean bill of health doesn't change the Gilda And Meek plans. All issues are still coming to the site.
    Whew. BIG day at Daily Kos. My Gilda And Meek diary got 112 Recommends and was on the rec list most of the day. Some big names recced it including Meteor Blades and Denise Oliver Velez, activists who have been in the trenches since the 1960's. I feel incredibly honored and proud.
    Here are the details of why I decided to post all my Gilda And Meek stories on my site:

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I find it odd how the end credits to Dreamhouse Adventures last about 30 seconds, but the end credits to It Takes Two last over a full minute.

The news is making me angry. Stop existing, the news. I'm warning you.

If what is happening constitutes "good news" (and I suppose it does) imagine how enraged the bad news has been making me.
Today marks the 5th Year Anniversary of when DuckTales (2017) premiered. I found this reboot to be an entertaining watch and was impressed by how it incorporated aspects of other Disney cartoons (such as Daarkwing Duck). Likewise, I appreciated getting to know Della Duck.
Check Out @Zentron 's Art Stuff on The Drawing Board! Some really cool YouTube stuff starts on the second page!

Nick schedules at last minute changes STILL continues to be out of control because it's too frequent to really keep up with the updates, and this is really annoying.

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