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  • Hunter from Daily Kos takes on anime.

    This is a fun read. Hunter is a national treasure. I managed to get the first comment in too.
    Ready to give Disenchantment another shot. Somebody online pointed out something cool about Bean: She's unapologetically gross and a slob and not exactly made for shipping. That's kind of refreshing for a female character, especially a lead. If I can learn to tolerate the loathsome Eric Andre, I might dig Season 3.

    This is the problem with society.
    Fone Bone
    Fone Bone
    For the record, I think Toy Story is kind of a sucky movie myself, but it is definitely a piece of film history in the way Shrek and Madagascar are not.
    Here's the thing. Shrek is so widely memed that Smash Mouth's All-Star is associated with the film.
    PDI (Shrek's animators) really hasn't rendered (that's the correct term as PDI only does 3DCG animation) too much of importance though outside of 1985's Chromosaurus.

    The full list of films they are adding here. Not sure The Dark Knight or The Hurt Locker are really justified yet either (Joy Luck Club and Buena Vista Social Club also seem a little dubious, but I think they have stronger cases)
    So a live-action Chip n Dale's Rescue Rangers is a thing. My two questions are if Chip will be the abusive, amoral sociopath he was on the old show? And if he is, will the new movie actually point out to the kids in the audience that that is wrong? Disney never did my generation that kindness.
    I currently feel such despair over what is going on in the news. This crap is never going to end.
    Check out my sig, would you? I realize at this stage of the game I don't want people to read Gilda & Meek & The Un-Iverse because I want money or fame. I wouldn't have posted 34 free issues on a blog if I did. The Aspie in me simply feels that it's really the only way for another person to fully understand me. That matters to me.

    Ever wonder what makes Fone Bone tick? Check out the sig.
    DuckTales was canceled? Why is it that despite the fact that I didn't love the show I'm super annoyed anyways?

    It turns out I dislike crushing potential as much as I do quality.
    I think you should watch Happy Happy, Joy Joy with my parents today. As a recovering John K. fanboy, it was cathartic beyond imagination. I think you should see it if you haven't.
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    Fone Bone
    Fone Bone
    If it comes to streaming I might.
    Fone Bone
    Fone Bone
    The more I think about it, the less I'll believe it'll cathartic for me. I turned against Kricfalusi after Adult Party Cartoon and he never won me back. The allegations against him didn't actually upset me as a fan. I hadn't been a fan in almost two decades.

    I'll check it out if it hits Netflix though.
    Mostly doing sketches in my Un-Iverse thread these days. No having to read long comics necessary. I'm a little disappointed in the lack of feedback for them.
    Been catching up on my sleep for the last two days. I find myself randomly getting ready to nod off. That happens when you are mostly awake for five days straight.
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Apparently I matter to people. That's sort of nice to know. Granted, I'd prefer more favorable opinions, but it's nice to know people care I exist, even if it's merely to wish I don't.
Here's my Ideal Disney XD schedule for next week. What do you think?
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I like your profile picture, tails is my favorite
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(Part 1)
I know this is a weird long shot and I doubt you'll even get this message, but I'm doing some lost media research and I have very few leads. Some old forum posts that came up on a Google search lead me to believe there's a small chance you may be able to help.
Last month, someone found the Cyberchase pilot

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