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  • ok,i feel like i need to adress this
    apperently there is a burning hatered for palk áron and the hungarian users that brought thanks to him
    so the thing is that i was'nt made my account originaly because of him,but rather to thank someone that posted my video to the forum
    so i should'nt need to take this to my chest.
    but the thing is,these users are fr
    [1 out of 4]
    palk áron managed to bring some REALLY retarded people here,who are self promoting and shitposting
    and also i need to say that it's sad that the people whom palk áron obsesess over and thinks they are friends together
    are ******* hate him
    yes,not jokeing
    they have ENOUGH of his ********
    and im not defending him
    [2 out of 4]
    he was infamous BEFORE AS and now,more people know the shit that many of us archive youtubers in hungary suffer from
    so yea,im thinking about deleting my account here because i feel like im not doing anything useful in the forum except being one of those "annoying hungarians" that are so overproud of there ******* country
    [3 out of 4]
    if any people want me to delete this because of leaking any private stuff,then tell me and i do it
    im sorry AS
    [4 out of 4]
    Some im in a used stuff shop right?
    Where im was NEVER able to find a dude with used vhs's
    So i was'nt in that shop for 5 months, and finally when im there, i litarrly find someone WITH used VHS witch can possibly hold tv recordings.
    So no kidding , i got a hold of this deal and bought 8 tapes
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I find it odd how the end credits to Dreamhouse Adventures last about 30 seconds, but the end credits to It Takes Two last over a full minute.

The news is making me angry. Stop existing, the news. I'm warning you.

If what is happening constitutes "good news" (and I suppose it does) imagine how enraged the bad news has been making me.
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