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    Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon coming to Netflix in 2022!

    True but it was also a love letter to Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sega will be stricter, Capcom pretty much told MOA to make Megaman as different from the source as possible. Not the first time they did that ether, they use to make American developers working on their franchises change...
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    Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon coming to Netflix in 2022!

    By Man of Action. That has me worried. I liked the original Ben 10 okay and thought Generator Rex was good as long as it didn't try to be funny but generally Man of Action just isn't that good. They seem to have one idea and all their shows are a variation of that idea.
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    "Big Hero 6: The Series" News & Discussion Thread, Part 2 (Spoilers)

    I'm not that fond of the direction it took in season three so I can't say I'm sad to see it go. The first two seasons were good though.
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    Lightyear (Pixar Movie) (News And Discussion Thread)

    We are? Their track record is very good so I can never be angry with pixar. Even when they make the rare dud.
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    "Green Lantern" (HBO Max) News & Discussion (Spoilers)

    People like to forget Guy's time as Warrior. That was a bad, extreme nineties choice better left forgotten.
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    Animaniacs (2020) News & Discussion Thread

    So glad it's pissing people like this off. It wouldn't be animaniacs or the like if it didn't push the limits of what it can show. I was worried this show would play things too safe to be honest. Glad I was wrong. Most of us were kids in the nineties. We were not bothered by nineties pop...
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    "The Last Kids On Earth" News And Discussion Thread

    In the book one movie Jack talks about how he was at many homes and his current foster family was just his latest one. While he's not a completely reliable narrative he claims his latest family left without waiting for him. Even if he's twisting the facts or it's still understandable why he...
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    MeTV Launching Toon in with Me

    It's win win. Warner gets money licensing out these shows, MeTV gets ratings from people reliving their nostalgia.
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    "The Last Kids On Earth" News And Discussion Thread

    I understand why Jack acts the way he does but he is still annoying. I get it he doesn't know his original family and he kept ending up at bad foster homes but he is making things worse with his actions. That said he's getting better and so is the show. I love meta humor, especially when it's...
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    Mo Willems joins HBO Max.

    I still want Galactic Kids Next Door to happen but even if this is a brand new project I'm fine with that too. Though I realise that would require the other guy too.
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    "Glitch Techs" News & Discussions (Spoilers)

    I am so glad this deal between Nick and Netflix is a thing now. I really don't trust Nick to air all the episodes of their shows. They have never been good at that. If a show isn't popular right away it is a matter of chance if the whole series airs on TV at all. Netflix for all their problems...
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    "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" Anime Series in Development for Netflix

    It's suppose to be a continuation of the 80s series so I'm expecting the designs to be very close to those. With much better animation.
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    The hate on Calarts style?

    The use of this claim as an insult seems to have died down. At least from what I have seen.
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    Vic Mignogna Controversies

    It sucks this sort of thing happens and if the creation is "it's not our fault" then I hope the con in question suffers from loss of attendance and can't keep afloat. People should feel safe at places like this and the people running the place should care about the safety of people giving them...

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