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    Fantagraphics "Disney Comics" Library Talkback (Potential Spoilers)

    I'm glad you think so—we're thrilled about it at Fantagraphics! A lot of my comics-historian heart belongs to Golden Age creators, but this beloved 1980s and 1990s stuff deserves to be in hard covers too. To combine two songs from the "Silver Age" cartoons themselves: ♫ Come along! You belong...
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    Sweet & Sour - Color Rhapsody Lost to Time

    This title card is clearly a photoshopped fake using obvious computer fonts. A search on Lantern shows no film by that title released during the period (it would show up in booking guides if it was real; compare with Mother Goose in Swingtime). Please actually show us the Korean website you...
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    TALKBACK - The Looney Tunes Show - "Daffy Duck Esquire" - [2/5]

    In the classic cartoons, Sam's last name was the equally Jewish-sounding Schulz, so there's precedent... but why change it?
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    Mulberry "The Game of Life" Talkback

    Wonderful stuff. But I've got an extraordinarily dumb question. On the last page—after completing the game (won't spoil it), we see an action that I interpreted as Mulberry getting up and flexing her back—hard. For me, this was the quintessential Mulberry moment: after manipulating people...
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    Olive Films to release Betty Boop

    That's a terribly inaccurate "public domain" list. Every single title you list before CRAZY TOWN—and quite a few after it—are actually copyrighted.
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    Mulberry "Heiress A Parent" Talkback

    Yeah, I know the thread's ancient. Sue me. Somehow, I'd skipped past the 1930s Mickey panel in this thing last time I read it. Enjoying it as a "rerun" now, I first stopped dead—then utterly busted a gut. Thanks for substantially improving my evening.
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    Schedule changes starting January 2, 2012 featuring four returning series.

    Wait, WHAT? I didn't know this had moved to CN, or that more had been produced. If true, Warner has sure done a poor job of publicizing it. Anyone got further details? I'd only really like to see more if Spike and Tony are involved...
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    Puppy in my Pocket- "Adventures in Pocketville"- Comes to Boomerang US

    Hey, CN! Is that a puppy in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?
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    Any more news on the Cartoon Network Hall of Fame DVDs?

    SpongeJosh, a quick question about your sig. You say Has Kool-Aid Man actually been retired? I can't seem to find any documentation saying so. On another note, were the CN Hall of Fame DVDs released in any territories beyond Region 1? That may explain something about why they haven't been...
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    The Rarest US Acres Characters

    I'd love to be their modern-day rediscoverer—but I'm not. Chuck the calf and Jodie the horse, characters who (from the designs of Orson, Wade, etc. shown alongside them) appear to have been created at the start along with the rest of the gang, but never actually made it into the strip. I've...
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    The Cartoon Show that Never Was

    I see what you did there...
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    Toon Zone Talkback - "The Looney Tunes Show" Tune-In Info for Tuesday, May 10

    This is the talkback thread for "The Looney Tunes Show" Tune-In Info for Tuesday, May 10. [Didn't mean to start this thread... but TZ software won't let me delete it. DG]
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    Watch all Looney Tunes?

    Yikes! If I actually owned the print I privately accessed, I'd have blogged actual footage, not just screengrabs. If only. :sweat:
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    You'll never know what this is about!

    Um, fellas? The problem has been solved. Like the person above sez, they're right here on Amazon in English, even if not all of them.
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    "Princess Pi vs. Prince William" Talkback

    Everything will be perfect again. Just like it was with Bush. (Obsession with foreign royals seems to go hand-in-hand with fawning obedience to our own rulers, doesn't it?) In other news, your story had me in hysterics—maybe the best of the Pi series thus far. She's sort of a more benevolent...

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