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    Viral Tweet Claims Warner Bros. To Phase Out DVD and Blu-ray Beginning in 2022

    Regardless of the comment's accuracy, it makes sense to phase out physical media. Streaming services have realized that they can constantly increase subscription fees (outpacing inflation, by the way) and still retain a majority of subscribers. Eliminating physical media would benefit streaming...
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    April, 2021--What Did You Buy This Month: Animated DVD/Blu-Ray/4K

    I'd like to buy Josie & the Pussycats, but I'll probably wait for a sale. This week I've bought Coraline and Paranoia Agent on blu-ray.
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    Cartoons you find overhated/underrated

    Time Squad is underrated and probably one of the most forgotten Cartoon Cartoons.
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    What if Regular Show was picked up by Adult Swim?

    I think timing is important. If the adult version of Regular Show had aired on adult swim instead of Cartoon Network in 2009 then I don't think it would've been popular; however, if it had aired following the Rick and Morty hype then I think the response would have been much more positive. In...
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    Cartoons You Hated as Kid but Now Like as a Teen or Adult

    Thanks for posting a positive thread. I enjoyed Rocko's Modern Life when I was younger, but I appreciate it much more as an adult. I always laughed at the show's zaniness, but many of the jokes flew over my head. There is an airline called "Dairy Air" which I never picked up as a kid, but it's...
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    Unpopular Opinions

    haha I'm sure these 61 pages have some real golden nuggets buried in them, but I'm mostly thinking about this thread and its animated counterpart during the last year. The posts in these threads get so many likes we must either all be contrarians or our unpopular opinions must be popular after all!
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    Cartoons you find overhated/underrated

    I think that Disney's One Saturday Morning lineup is underrated and underrepresented. Recess, Pepper Ann, the Weekenders, Lloyd in Space, and Teacher's Pet are all good shows.
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    Cartoons You Liked as a Kid but Now Hate as an Adult or Teen

    I still enjoy almost all of the cartoons I watched when I was younger. There are a few cartoons, like Rocket Power, that don't provide as much enjoyment now that I'm an adult but I wouldn't consider them bad shows.
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    Unpopular Opinions

    This might be the first opinion I disagree with in this thread! I think Tobias is hilarious, but I respect your opinion.
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    Endless Anime: Pokemon or Case Closed

    The mainline Pokémon games have always sold extremely well so I'm not surprised that the anime has continued. The newest games, Sword and Shield, are expected to be the second best selling games in the series (yes, even higher than Gold and Silver!) so I imagine that tangential Pokémon will also...
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    Factors that you feel could lead to the return of Broadcast Cartoons.

    Without a cultural phenomena, I can't imagine a broadcast cartoon revival. And even then it will only be a minor peak in the major descent of broadcast television.
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    The 10 "Deaths" of Cartoon Network

    It’s interesting because by 2003 most of the What a Cartoon / Cartoon Cartoon Friday’s shows had ended or were on hiatus (from airing, not necessarily production but viewers weren’t aware at the time): Courage the Cowardly Dog ended in 2002. The second run of Dexter’s Laboratory ended in 2003...
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    King of the Hill revival in the works

    I've always viewed King of the Hill as a social commentary on 90's American suburban life rather than political commentary. It feels like people recently politicized the show due to the growing political divide, but I wonder if those people watched more than a handful of episodes or grew up in...
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    Did anyone enjoy the Duck Dodgers TV series?

    Absolutely underrated. I never watched the third season though. Around 2004-2005 Cartoon Network aired Duck Dodgers, Samurai Jack, Teen Titans, Foster’s Home, and Clone Wars. It felt like the network hit another peak after the original Cartoon Cartoon Friday’s shows were winding down.
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    March, 2021--What Did You Buy This Month: Animated DVD/Blu-Ray/4K

    I just bought Space Ghost & Dino Boy on blu-ray. I haven't watched this in awhile so I'm excited to see how it holds up.

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