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    What is "Narf"?

    Bump for relevancy! (but don't expect all the links to work.) Craig Crumpton (formerly known here at TZ as "Gookie")
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    Craig's Future

    This thread scared me at first -- I thought people were discussing my future without me. There aren't that many Craigs in the world, but somehow TZ ended up with two of them. I got to chat with "the other Craig" a couple nights ago for the first time in years. To all you single...
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    Jim Hensons The Story Teller

    I loved that series and have nearly a complete set recorded on video when it aired on HBO a few years back. A DVD box set would be a must-have for me.
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    Cartoon Network Magazine?

    For anyone interested, I've posted 2 more updates to the original news article on CN's mag:
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    Cartoon Network Magazine?

    Re: Re: Cartoon Network Magazine It's already out - go see!
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    US Version of Cartoon Network Magazine Now Available! -- Updated!

    US Version of Cartoon Network Magazine Now Available! [Updated] Cartoon Network fans living in the US have cause to rejoice. No longer will American citizens be denied the opportunity to purchase <a href="">CARTOON NETWORK MAGAZINE</a>. For nearly 2 years...
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    Women In Animation Presents: Talking Voice Over With The Pros

    M J LALLO, Member of Board of Directors for <a href="">WOMEN IN ANIMATION</a>, has organized a Voice Over danel discussion to be attended by industry professionals on Wednesday, January 30th in Los Angeles: <b>TALKING VOICE OVER WITH THE PROS</b>...
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    Here and Gone again...

    An update Just to let everyone know - everything turned out okay for my family: My older brother recently moved into his new home and the kids seem to like it; the parents got all new appliances for the stuff that got fried by the electrical storm; and my younger brother's bank account loss was...
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    Attention Everyone! Very Important Question!!

    Umm... I think so, Colin - but if milk came from that part of the cow, who'd want to drink it?
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    Scooby-Doo Do Big Time Ratings

    Scooby-Doo Scares Up Best-Ever CARTOON NETWORK THEATRE Ratings & Delivery <b>Cartoon Network Continues as #1 in Prime Time Delivery of Kids 6-11 and Kids 2-11</b> Scooby-Doo proved he's "Top (cartoon) Dog" once again this weekend, with Saturday night's record-setting performance for...
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    How to get scads of DVDs?

    Go to flea markets, dude. If you live in or near a larger city, there should be a fair-sized one somewhere in the city or on the outskirts of town. There's a CD manufacturing company that has a big warehouse in Memphis that used to have to discard all their defectives. Then they found a legal...
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    cowboy bebop DVD

    It's on Summer Avenue, off I-40 (near Perkins, I think). Been there since '97, as far as I know. I lived in Memphis for most all my life and didn't know about the store until 2 years ago - my brother and I happened to pass by it one day on our way to a video game exchange store, and visited...
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    cowboy bebop DVD

    There's a great anime store near where I used to live in Memphis, TN called ANIMAX. They offer a huge rental inventory, though it's mostly on VHS. They finally started offering anime for rental on DVD last May. They used to have a website at but I guess it wasn't...
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    Fast & The Furious Breaks Records!

    It was a high-octane guy movie, pure and simple - I thought it was okay, but hardly memorable. The race scenes were cool and the theater sound was great, but even additional features aren't gonna make me rush out to buy a copy. I have no desire to see it a second time. I'm just not impressed...