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Craig Crumpton (aka "Voiceroy") is originally from Memphis, TN, currently living in Atlanta, GA where he primarily works as a freelance actor, performer, and voice talent. >>> Craig's a lifelong animation fan and an admitted animation addict. He prefers animated comedies, but he also enjoy act/adv/dramas, Anime, superhero 'toons and even a number of kids' shows. Basically, if it's animated (and he doesn't think it sucks), he'll watch it. >>> Craig has been a Toon Zone regular since August, 1997 -- first joined under the alias "Gookie," and in the decade-plus he's been here he's served in a number of capacities, but mostly as news correspondent and editor, as well as TZ's resident "pseudo-authority" on voice actors, which is why he founded "The Voice Actor Appreciation Society" (on Yahoo Groups and Facebook). >>> Since 1999, Craig has also been self-publishing the voice actors newsletter "Voice Actors in the News" (first published here at TZ), which relaunched in March 2009 as a daily news blog specializing in entertainment news for voice actor enthusiasts and professionals:

Mostly spending time with my wife. Other interests: DVDs, voice actors, voice acting, movies, writing, books, teh interwebz, and collecting Transformers.
Jul 17, 1971 (Age: 48)
Atlanta, GA
Working for a living.




Craig Crumpton, Toon Zone Staff (since 1999) | Publisher: Voice Actors in the News
Host: Animated Media Collectors (Facebook group)
Personal blog: VoxInSox: And knowing is half the babble


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