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So, there is going to be a movie about Karens....
I don't understand this site's obsession with "eras" for cartoon channels. I barely remember yesterday, and my life is a giant blur. How am I supposed to remember the intricacies of various specific television schedules over the years, much less how I felt about them at the time? You guys are totally weird.
Hi all, guess who's back?!
Guys, I have an announcement.

Today, I with my mom are heading to Turkey! Its been 3 years ever since my last vacation, so I'm really glad that my dad saved money for this.

I'm not sure for how it will be, but I'm telling you, it will be sweet :)

We will start with the taxi at 09:30-10:00PM, then bus and the plane. Tomorrow morning we will be in the new hotel!

Hopefully that stupid virus wont be an issue.
Here's what I'm wondering: why is that most, if not all Cartoon Network shows in the 2010's had only 11 minute episodes instead of a half hour or 2 11 minutes episodes like they used to?

Not complaining. Just curious.

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