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I find it odd how the end credits to Dreamhouse Adventures last about 30 seconds, but the end credits to It Takes Two last over a full minute.

The news is making me angry. Stop existing, the news. I'm warning you.

If what is happening constitutes "good news" (and I suppose it does) imagine how enraged the bad news has been making me.
Today marks the 5th Year Anniversary of when DuckTales (2017) premiered. I found this reboot to be an entertaining watch and was impressed by how it incorporated aspects of other Disney cartoons (such as Daarkwing Duck). Likewise, I appreciated getting to know Della Duck.
Check Out @Zentron 's Art Stuff on The Drawing Board! Some really cool YouTube stuff starts on the second page!

Nick schedules at last minute changes STILL continues to be out of control because it's too frequent to really keep up with the updates, and this is really annoying.

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