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Jump in here to learn the ins and outs of writing in varying genres, styles, and formats. A great place for the novice to pick up new skills or the seasoned pro to brush up on the basics.


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On 1 August 2021 start the MTV 00's and my HUNMedia Networks in hungary(the HUNMedia Networks just in Hungary)!
I wish a happy 83rd birthday to Michael Bell.

Both are tied with 1 vote each. I'll be tiebreaker and pick Tamaranean Dance Club to move to the next round. The next matchup is A Gift For Dad. It's between "Present Tense" from The Loud House and "The Other Side: The Tournament" from Craig Of The Creek.
I have a question about ratings. Those ratings for a shows that we see, do they show just how much viewers watched the whole episode of the show or they include also people that randomly tuned in for few minutes before they turned off TV/changed the channel?
what went horribly, HORRIBLY wrong with HBO Max's The Prince?

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