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Jump in here to learn the ins and outs of writing in varying genres, styles, and formats. A great place for the novice to pick up new skills or the seasoned pro to brush up on the basics.


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I'm constantly amazed by the number of people who have the internet but don't use the internet.

If you genuinely wish to start a serious discussion, then I'm cool with that; that's what a forum is for, but if you're just spamming the board or flooding someone's inbox with simple, basic questions you could easily find the answers to by Googling, then you're wasting my time and time wasters stick right in my craw.
Crunchyroll will never get another cent out of me. To HFIL with monopolies.
Does anyone know what the maximum file size for posting images/gifs is?
unpopular opinion: I think Verizon would been the better owner of fox than Disney, especially since Disney can easily rework their touchstone brand back to its former glory

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