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Going to change my avatar for the whole of October. Milo the Merman is back!
@RandomMe Aw, you beat me to the punch with The Flintstones' 60th anniversary (I was also going to say it's been 1 year since MeTV started airing it). Ah well.

Though, I should note The Jetsons started in 1962, so it's two years for them.
Mac Davis, Helen Reddy, AND Tower of Power bassist Rocco Prestia? Yikes.
Well,this is it people. Today is the day that Disney Channel UK closes after its 25 year brodcast. Well this sucks.
R..I.P Disney Channel UK 1995-2020
I hope it gets final mesage,so it can go with the bang
Edit: Ok,guys im really sorry for scaring you,i was talking about the closure of the UK version of DC,not the US one.
Silly me...

anyone use Quibi or even care about it?

honestly for me i don't think making a streaming service for short form series (5-10 minutes) would work