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Is the world secretly following my story ideas?
Disney-Pixar's next movie is similar to one of my aborted coming-of-age stories (mine was The Thirteenth Year + Your Name + aborted merman cartoons) but instead of actual merpeole we got legged aquatic humanoids.
Newt from Pirate Express: We should hang out some time.
Imagine if Wes Gleason was the voice director for projects from Avatar Studios. He's the successor to Andrea Romano for DC animation, so I think he could be her successor here. Plus, he's had experience with Nickelodeon (such as with the 2016 Monster High tv movie and Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).
Is it me or the state of kids tv now is becoming the modern equivalent to the state of 80s saturday morning tv where it was mostly toy or IP driven stuff that some were creatively bankupt and won't age well in a couple of years
Listen people, if you don't like live-action properties based on animation, pretend like you don't care, sip a cup of cool, frest, tasty Bergamot Tea and live your own way.

Have a beatiful evening, and most important, don't remember about live-action shows based on animation. They don't exist for you:)

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