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Jan 24, 2019 at 1:18 PM
Posted by Harley
Eve - "We are still underground" Music Video

♢ Eve New Album "Fairy" 2019.02.06 IN STORES
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- slumber
- Tokyo Ghetto
- Outsider
- Lost child
- Yadori
- Ambivalent
- Kaede
- Last Dance
- Bokura still underground
- Kimi to the world
- dawn

♦DVD (First Press Limited Edition) - Animation
- Outsider
- Tokyo ghetto
- Ambivalent
- Last dance

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twitter: https: //twitter.com/oO0Eve0Oo
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Planning & Produce : Genki Kawamura

Director: Nobutaka Yoda (10GAUGE)
Character Design: Naoyuki Asano
Art Director: Yuji Kaneko
Animation Production: WIT STUDIO

Producer: Wakana Okamura, Maiko Okada
Executive Produce: George Wada


We Are Still In Underground

It may be impossible, such as that meet your


only you
if you and there are things that can not be in any way this

and neither this nor Oh
only waiting for the air words
I have exceeded the night today also

persevere For you or
something for you I

can not love it even if I can love it This is no good So

can not handle simple things like a child forever We can not live somewhere else Will not
lose sight of myself
It is not too bad I 'm not a beautiful monster of bamboo but
the mouth because I'll tie now

behind love darling darling
we were accomplices from the date that
waiting for the signal of the one-two not standing around in such'm
is the dance a sleepless night

shows darling darling Let's go
Bye Bye Bye That's it now That
's the best stage Let's make it the best stage
Comedy world to the high- pitched person Kick off

we still underground

indecisive I like
voice that drowned in impatience is
such that resonate with this chest
although not believe from the beginning

I want doing this much
is easier if you do so
I will end up

unbelievable But I
can not help it I still want to believe I can not help it I can not help it I can not help it I do not like

darling darling I love you my
dreams were my testimonies It was my testimonials
everyone were you I嗤
goodbye from such city

late show darling darling
so is now only tonight is I'm such at that time
towards the throbbing of the chest Let 's try to the best of stage
comedy world is kick off

but the final chapter cues
not regret It seems to be the time of your turn It

is because there is no re-screening So I have to go I
can not turn my eyes anymore

I want to talk with you a bit ahead of the future I
got laughing That day I could not say it My thoughts are

still imperfect We are far from incomplete but
do not go back to memories anymore

Love me darling Love me
Dreamed day It was my testimonials I
said that everyone took a joke From the
city like this Goodbye

darling I love you darling From
that day We were accomplices We did
not standing and standing at one signaling signal Wait
and dance a sleepless nights

Show me darling darling
Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye That's the time I'm in that time I will make it the
best stage To the direction where the highsounds of the breasts
Comic world opened curtains

Good Let's go beyond the lowest night You

still dive in the world I have not seen yet We are still under Ground
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